Chicilon Media's corporate culture promotes personal development

By Thy An   March 25, 2024 | 02:00 am PT
Chicilon Media aims to build a comfortable working environment, creating opportunities for each individual’s growth.

After 18 years of development, Chicilon Media's number of employees has reached 369. Each individual possesses various strengths contributing to the overall development of the business.

According to the company's leaders, human resources and the solidarity of employees are the keys to the sustainable development of the business. The company thus always considers building and developing staff as a priority.

The average seniority at Chicilon Media is 5 years, which shows the long-term commitment of employees to the company.

Along with competitive salary, bonus, and welfare policies, the company also focuses on improving the working environment and enhancing spiritual quality for their employees.

The board of directors often organizes training sessions to improve professional qualifications and soft skills.

Chicilon Medias employees often have interactive sessions to increase connections. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Chicilon Media's employees often have group discussion. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Not only providing a dynamic working environment, Chicilon Media also attracts talented people with a transparent promotion path, supporting their employees to maintain work motivation and improve career goals.

The company commits to providing many learning opportunities, helping employees realize personal value, increase income, improve their ability to observe, analyze, manage the market, and adapt to developments in society.

At Chicilon Media, employees are encouraged to express their personal opinions. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

At Chicilon Media, employees are encouraged to express their personal opinions. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

According to a Chicilon Media representative, the company pursues the management philosophy "Talent goes hand in hand with ethics, choosing the right person in the right place." It also adopts the principles of respecting talent, constantly expanding team size and human resources, and improving the quality and capacity of managers.

In addition, Chicilon Media proactively connects with leading experts, establishing a long-term cooperation mechanism with marketing experts to bring more opportunities for cultivating and developing a professional human force.

The company cooperates with many universities, building innovative learning facilities and improving the professional qualifications and creativity of employees.

The board of directors is in the process of perfecting policies to ensure employees can focus on work, limit worries in life, and promote both employees and business development.

During its 18 years of development, Chicilon Media has ranked in the top 500 fastest-growing and most profitable enterprises for 5 consecutive years due to constantly building and developing its corporate culture, becoming a leading company in the Vietnam advertising and marketing industry.

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