9Pay: Financial management solution offered to SMEs

By Thy An   August 28, 2023 | 08:00 pm PT
9Pay's financial solution enables businesses, particularly SMEs, to effectively manage finances, enabling them to navigate challenges and promote sustainable growth in the current economic landscape.

Along with expanding growth potential, numerous businesses face risks and challenges in managing cash flows.

SMEs, in particular, face inefficient finance systems, resulting in unnecessary expenses and resource-draining throughout their operations.

At the forefront is the cutting-edge technology of the 9Pay’s Collection and Disbursement service, seamlessly coordinating a comprehensive process that automates all stages encompassing collections, disbursements, reconciliations, and reporting.

This integrated system not only ensures the coherence of financial operations but also ushers in a new era of operational efficiency, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of modern financial management.

Simplified payment collection process via 9Pays system. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

Simplified payment collection process via 9Pay's system. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

Effortless cash flow management with 9Pay's collection solution

In today's ever-fluctuating economy, 9Pay’s collection solution introduces unparalleled convenience to businesses seeking effective customer payment management.

By channeling funds into a virtual account intricately linked to individual customers, enterprises entrust 9Pay with the task of efficiently collecting payments from various sources, including investment accounts, loans, and merchandise purchases, catering to the needs of both customers and investors.

Operated through a seamless all-in-one interface, businesses can readily accept diverse payment methods, including wire transfers, ATM card transactions, QR codes, and banking app payments.

This transformative solution empowers businesses to extend a range of payment alternatives, establishing a contemporary payment ecosystem that aligns with the preferences of their customers.

Funds collected from customers are readily available for allocation according to the enterprise's exigencies, thereby ensuring a flexible and transparent cash flow.

With its multi-channel payment functionality, the collection service not only elevates customer satisfaction but also significantly reduces manual transaction processing time for businesses by up to 80%.

Pays payment solutions help simplify both local and international payouts. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

Pay's payment solutions help simplify both local and international payouts. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

9Pay's real-time disbursement solution for businesses

In the current world of business, the velocity of transactions holds the key to addressing customer and partner needs promptly. By leveraging 9Pay's disbursement solution, transactions are executed rapidly and processed in real-time.

When the necessity arises for payments, businesses entrust 9Pay with the authority to efficiently execute fund disbursements to individual and partner accounts in alignment with specific requirements.

This comprehensive solution not only facilitates seamless fund transfers to diverse banks but also extends the convenience of various payment methods, including ATM cards and e-wallets.

For the purpose of sending money to Vietnam beneficiaries, such as remittance funds, salaries, or loans, the 9Pay disbursement service can be used as a solution, empowering businesses to curtail costs and mitigate risks associated with inaccuracies in fund transfers.

All transactions unfold through automated processes, ensuring speed, accuracy, and a heightened level of security. If your business goals change, so can your disbursement needs.

That is why 9Pay's disbursement solutions were designed with developers in mind and are easily customizable for a range of currencies, integrations, and use cases.

In practical application, the combined efficacy of the disbursement and collection solutions imparts significant advantages to businesses entrenched in sectors characterized by continuous and direct financial operations.

These sectors encompass cross-border payments, remittances, e-commerce, fintech, education...

With the right collection and disbursement solution, you can unlock the potential of the Vietnam market, gain wider coverage, and use the payout methods that matter most to your beneficiaries.

Harnessing 9Pay's payment solutions, SMEs gain an effective management tool to navigate financial hurdles, bolster their competitive edge, and cultivate lasting growth in the ever-changing landscape of commerce.

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