Singer Charlie Puth appears in Vietnam's high school student game show

By Dang Khoa   October 3, 2022 | 12:37 am PT
Singer Charlie Puth appears in Vietnam's high school student game show
A screenshot of singer Charlie Puth appearing in the Vietnamese game show "Road To Mount Olympia" on October 2, 2022.
Grammy nominee Charlie Puth asked an English question on the Vietnamese knowledge game show "Duong Len Dinh Olympia" (Road To Mount Olympia) last Sunday.

American singer, songwriter and producer Puth appeared in a short video after a segment of the music video for his well-known song "See You Again" was played during the "Finishing" section of the 2022 Road To Mount Olympia's final round.

Contestants and guests were excited by the unexpected appearance of the global pop star.

The 30-year-old singer shared that this is a memorable song of his career and that it contains a meaningful message about friendship.

He then asked contestant Vu Nguyen Son, a student at Amsterdam High School in Hanoi, the question: "In this song, I've used a synonym for the word friendship. Can you tell me which word it is?"

Son did not give an answer.

Bui Anh Duc, a student at Son La High School For The Gifted, earned the right to answer and gave the answer "Bond".

Then, the MC announced the answer given by the program as "Brotherhood".

During the live broadcast, the program did not accept his answer and subtracted 15 points from this candidate.

After the show ended, the show double-checked with an English advisor and accepted Bui Anh Duc's answer as "Bond". Thus, there were two correct answers to this question, "Bond" and "Brotherhood".

Though the number of points changed, it didn't really affect the final results as well as the rankings of the contestants in the final of Road to Olympia 2022.

Many viewers later expressed their sympathy toward Duc.

On social media, the unexpected appearance of the singer quickly became a hot topic. Many netizens praised the program for being creative, making the competition less rigid. Some viewers even hope the show would invite other artists to ask questions in later seasons.

Puth shot to fame for his viral track "See You Again", which is featured in the film Fast And Furious 7 as a tribute to actor Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in Nov. 30, 2013. The music video for this song currently has over 5.6 billion YouTube views.

Throughout his career, he has produced many chart-topping songs, including "We Don't Talk Anymore," and "Left And Right".

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