Sequel to Korean hit 'Taxi Driver' shot in Da Nang

By Dang Khoa   January 4, 2023 | 06:58 pm PT
The first official trailer for the South Korean film "Taxi Driver 2" features scenes shot in coastal city of Da Nang.

A large, bold inscription of the word "Vietnam" filled the screen during the first official trailer for the upcoming sequel to the hit Korean drama "Taxi Driver."

Images of Da Nang's iconic dragon bridge and skyscrapers along the Han River are also featured in the trailer.

A still from Taxi Driver 2 trailer

A still from "Taxi Driver 2" trailer

The cast of "Taxi Driver 2" and actor Lee Je Hoon were spotted filming in Da Nang last July.

At the time, photos and footage of the 39-year-old Korean actor quickly went viral on various social media platforms in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the crew and actors remained tight-lipped about their activities in Vietnam, and not much information was released about the film.

SBS, the film's production company, had asked everyone to refrain from posting photos and videos from the set.

The "Taxi Driver 2" team also experienced some problems during their time in Da Nang as well, including having members who contracted Covid-19 and thus had to return to South Korea earlier than planned.

According to Korean publications, Kim Do Ki (played by Lee Je Hoon) travels to Vietnam in search of the antagonist in "Taxi Driver 2."

The trailer featured many heart-racing car chase scenes, big explosions, and intense action sequences.

Since 2021, many Korean films and television shows have featured Vietnam as a primary location. Some have used Vietnam to shoot scenes that actually take place in Korea.

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