Pop star My Tam rides old bicycle to film premiere

By Hoang Dung   April 7, 2023 | 04:17 pm PT
Vietnamese pop star My Tam wore a traditional ao dai tunic and rode her 26-year-old bicycle to the premiere of documentary “Nguoi Giu Thoi Gian.” (The Time Keeper).

Fans chant for My Tam when she appeared on the red carpet with her bicycle on April 6, 2023. Video by Tam Giao

The documentary, which will be screened from April 8, chronicles the singer’s preparations for her live show "Tri Am," (Soulmate), which took place in Ho Chi Minh City in 2021 and Hanoi in 2022.

Challenges and hardships encountered during the preparation made her feel like collapsing several times. But, eventually, she encouraged herself and the whole production crew to complete the project.

In many of the film’s candid scenes, Tam reveals her passion for music and performance.My Tam said initially that she didn’t imagine she could complete such a film.

But after talking with her crew, she finished writing the script in one night. "I have always thought about my viewers, I don’t want them to get nothing out of a theatregoing experience.

The documentary is not complete, but fortunately it still delivers the desired message," she stated. She couldn’t hold in her tears when MC Nguyen Khang praised her movie for touching the hearts of the audience.

Tam said that after "Tri Am," she was moved by readers’ comments expressing their support for her even though she can’t sing anymore at this later stage in life. "I thank God for letting us show love towards each other, and expressing love was the message that I wanted to deliver through this movie."

My Tam during the premiere of the documentary Nguoi Giu Thoi Gian, April 6, 2023. Photo courtesy of My Tam Entertainment

My Tam during the premiere of the documentary "Nguoi Giu Thoi Gian", April 6, 2023. Photo courtesy of My Tam Entertainment

Many celebrities came to say congratulations to My Tam on releasing her career’s first ever documentary on Thursday night.

My Tam held the live show "Tri Am" at My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi after postponing it for two years during the Covid pandemic. Some 30,000 people attended the show.

Before the show in Hanoi, her show in Ho Chi Minh City also attracted tens of thousands of attendees.

My Tam was born in 1981 in Da Nang. She won an award at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012, a top annual Korean music awards show.

In 2014, Tam was honoured with a "Asia’s Music Legend" award at the Top Asia Corporate Ball 2014 in Malaysia, an event aimed to praise the achievements attained by notable Asian individuals, organisations, and countries.

In 2015, she won the "Best selling artist in Asia" award at Big Apple Music Awards, which is given to Asian artists with the highest sales numbers.

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