National TV host allegedly suggests the poor avoid parenthood, sparking debate

By Linh Le   January 14, 2024 | 11:39 pm PT
A statement, allegedly made by TV host Duc Bao, suggesting that impoverished individuals should avoid having children, has ignited varied reactions on social media.
Host Duc Bao. Photo from Baos Facebook

Host Duc Bao. Photo from Bao's Facebook

The claim, allegedly articulated by Bao, posits that it might be a considerate decision for the impoverished to not have children, thereby avoiding the transfer of poverty or hardships to the kids. This remark has been a hot topic since last week, eliciting a spectrum of opinions, with some agreeing and others finding it offensive.

One Facebook user asserted: "There's no debate needed, [the statement] is accurate."

"This statement is an insult to the poor," another user criticized.

Bao, however, disavowed this assertion in a recent statement.

According to the Thanh Nien Newspaper, Bao addressed the alleged statement on Sunday. He clarified that the controversial comment came from a Facebook account under his name but is operated by his entourage, not him. This account is known for its comedic content and often posts quotes not personally made by Bao, intended for amusement.

"That post was just one of those [humorous posts]," Bao clarified.

He added that he interpreted the statement as highlighting the responsibilities associated with parenting. He emphasized that the choice to have children is a personal matter, and expressed regret for any misunderstanding or negative feelings the statement might have caused.

Bao, 37, works at Vietnam Television (VTV). Known for his proficiency in English, he has hosted several international events in Vietnam, such as the 2017 MAMA Awards, the SEA Games 2022 opening and closing ceremonies, and the 2022 Miss Universe Vietnam final night.

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