Japanese actress Hirosue Ryoko denies paying $1.4M for affair fallout

By Nguyen Huong   January 12, 2024 | 02:47 am PT
Hirosue Ryoko stated that she will not provide any compensation to advertisers and film crews who terminated their contracts with her due to her extramarital affair with Michelin-starred chef Shusaku Toba.
Japanese actress Hirosue Ryoko. Photo from Hirosues fanpages Instagram

Japanese actress Hirosue Ryoko. Photo from Hirosue's fanpage's Instagram

News of Hirosue's affair tarnished her public image, resulting in the termination of contracts with advertisers and an estimated financial loss of 200 million yen (approximately US$1.4 million), as reported by Sinchew.

Her management agency, Flamme, is currently in discussions with Hirosue regarding the division of compensation. Nevertheless, Hirosue has conveyed through her lawyer that she will not make any financial contributions.

A representative from Flamme has revealed that Hirosue has been experiencing stress lately. She has exhibited signs of irritability during everyday conversations, sometimes leading to uncontrolled outbursts.

Speculation suggests that Hirosue may be contemplating the establishment of her own agency, as she allegedly holds resentment towards Flamme's chairman Inoue Yoshinida, who played a role in exposing her affair to the public. This has prompted her desire to terminate her 30-year-long contract with Flamme.

However, due to unresolved disputes over compensation, the contract remains in effect.

Hirosue, 44, made her television debut in 1995 and is renowned for her role in the Academy Award-winning Japanese film "Departures." She tied the knot with sculptor Izutsu Jun, 50, in 2010.

Her affair with Shusaku came to light in June 2022, exposed by her husband.

Prior to the revelation, Hirosue had frequently been spotted at Shusaku's restaurant, and they were even seen arriving at a hotel. The two initially denied allegations of an extramarital affair but later admitted to it, leading to divorces with their respective partners.

In the aftermath of the controversy, Hirosue issued a handwritten apology to Shusaku's wife and children, expressing deep remorse for the pain inflicted on both families and acknowledging her own immaturity.

Meanwhile, Shusaku, affected by the scandal, resigned from his position as a chef.

Sources suggest that the two are planning to wed this summer, which would mark Hirosue's third marriage if that is the case.

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