Indian-inspired music video trends on YouTube

By Tan Cao   April 18, 2023 | 03:38 am PT
Three days after its release, a music video by Vo Ha Tram has surpassed 3 million views, ranking top in the trending section for YouTube Vietnam, surpassing BlackPink member Jisoo’s hit “Flower.”

"Ve Voi Em" also topped the charts for iTunes listeners, and the day after its release "Vo Ha Tram" was the second most searched keyword on Google Vietnam.

Vo Ha Tram in Ve Voi Em music video. Photo courtesy of Vo Ha Tram

Vo Ha Tram in "Ve Voi Em" music video. Photo courtesy of Vo Ha Tram

Bolero singer Vo Ha Tram, 33, first debuted 16 years ago, yet this is the first time she has achieved such milestones. "I’m happy to the point that I suffered from insomnia. Everything is even better than my imagination."

Many attribute the success of the music video to the Indian cultural elements shown it. Musician Hoai An said he enjoyed the music video both musically and visually.

"Ve Voi Em" was composed by CLK Production, a three-member Hanoian group, based on the singer’s love story.

Producer Duy Tran combined the sound of the sarod, an Indian traditional music instrument, with electro music, creating a catchy melody.

Indian lyrics by Tram’s husband, Vikas Chaudhary, tell the story of a woman sending a vow to her lover. Tram’s Indian pronunciation is regarded as imprecise, but the harmony is strong.

In the video, Tram and dancers are shown doing signature Indian dances in traditional outfits in front of famous scenery in Rajasthan.

In preparation, Tram spent months dieting post-childbirth and practicing with a foreign dance crew. She said that though she was not familiar with performing upbeat songs, she made efforts to concentrate on singing the lyrics correctly, stressing the necessary parts.

Artists, including Ta Minh Tam, Hoai An, regard Vo Ha Tram as a multi-talented artist, who can do everything from singing and dancing to showing emotion in her performance. Her previous releases focused more on the musical side as opposed to sheer entertaining.

In "Ve Voi Em," she didn’t focus on showcasing her musical skills but on giving the song more of a mass appeal instead.

Singer Nguyen Phi Hung praised Tram for doing a great job. "I’m glad that everything in the music video came together. Tram managed to show the beauty of India, the hometown of her beautiful love, and grow her career."

Tram is set to release two sequel songs, which belong to "The Love Journey" project, in July and December.

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