Actress keeps identity of child’s father private for sake of privacy

By Ha Thu   November 23, 2023 | 12:18 am PT
Vietnamese actress Thu Quynh has said she decided not to reveal the identity of her second child’s father for the sake of his family’s privacy.
Actress Thu Quynh. Photo from Quynhs Instagram

Actress Thu Quynh. Photo from Quynh's Instagram

A single mother of a boy for eight years, Quynh recently said that she is expecting her second child with her current boyfriend.

"I know many will be curious about who my new child’s father is," the actress said. "And I can guarantee you that the child will have a warm welcome and love."

Quynh said her boyfriend is a soulmate, who shares every up and down in life with her. Though they have not married, they understand each other well, she said.

She added that the two have many similarities in their attitudes towards her pregnancy and children.

"Both my boyfriend and I love children and want to have a family with many members," she said. "[We believe that] the more members a family has, the more chances there are for them to learn how to take care of one another."

The actress said both she and her boyfriend were relaxed about the news of her pregnancy. Her boyfriend has been treating her with great care ever since, she said, as their biggest priority now is her and her baby’s health.

Quynh and her boyfriend are not the only ones happy with the news.

"[My first son] Be started to be aware that unlike him, every friend of his has at least one sibling, when he was four," the actress said. "So, he has been constantly urging me to have another child."

The young boy was thus "very happy" and "smiled brightly" when he was informed that he was about to have a little brother or sister, Quynh said.

Receiving support from everyone around her, Quynh said she has been relaxed when living her single mother life, which allows her to focus on taking care of herself and her children.

"I am lucky, given that everything in my life has been going easy."

Quynh, 35, was born Nguyen Thu Quynh to a dancer father and an actress mother. A Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema graduate, she made it to the top 30 of the 2008 Miss Vietnam pageant.

She married her co-star Chi Nhan in 2014 and divorced him the following year.

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