10 most-watched Vietnamese music videos in 2022

By Hoang Nguyen   December 21, 2022 | 07:43 pm PT
The 10 most-watched Vietnamese music videos on YouTube in 2022 ran the gamut from heart-throbbing ballads to songs with hard-hitting beats.

This year’s list comprised both old and new artists. Some staged successful comebacks, some had amazing rookie breakthroughs from the underground scene. Most of the videos had English subtitles, while some let the music speaks for itself.

View counts are estimated as of December 20, 2022.

1. Vi Me Anh Bat Chia Tay (Mom Forces Us To Break Up) | Miu Le x Karik x Chau Dang Khoa

Views: 90 million

The winner this year is a melancholy ballad with a future bass influence. The verses are conversations and confessions between singer Miu Le and rapper Karik as a couple. The man tells the woman to move on after his mother forces him to break up with her, but the woman wants revenge. She shows up at his wedding and ruins the ceremony before walking out confidently. The song was lauded for Miu Le’s vocals, Karik’s introspective verses and Chau Dang Khoa’s impressive production. One month after its release, this music video has attracted 64 million views.

2. Waiting For You | MONO

Views: 66 million

Some say MONO emerged onto the Vietnamese music scene "from out of nowhere" this year, but really he was the "brother of pop star Son Tung M-TP." Either way, the freshman quickly shed the label and proved his talent with the release of his debut studio album "22". His breakthrough single "Waiting For You" was an instant hit and has been on replay at coffee shops and clubs across the country ever since its release. The song quickly garnered MONO a large fanbase. At the moment, its audio video has 66 million views while the official video released just one month ago has already accumulated 6.5 million views so far.

3. Ngay Dau Tien (The First Day) | Duc Phuc

Views: 49 million

Released on Valentine’s Day, this heartfelt ballad is for couples about to get married. The video documents the well-planned real-life marriage proposal of a man to a woman. During the proposal, the man said he wants "to make her the happiest girl in the world". After just one month, the video had 26 million views.

4. Gieo Que (Casting Coins) | Hoang Thuy Linh x Den

Views: 47 million

One of the most colorful music videos this year is Hoang Thuy Linh’s lead single "Gieo Que" from her critically acclaimed album "Link". This song incorporated the use of Vietnamese traditional folk music with hard-hitting trap drums, a signature style of Linh’s music. The verse from rapper Den also complimented the instrumental well. The video shows Linh in various of colorful and unique outfits as a psychic, with scenes of Vietnamese streets in between.

5. Chim Sau (Sink Deep) | RPT MCK x Trung Tran

Views: 45 million

The mellow and autotune-heavy R&B joint between young rapper RPT MCK and singer/producer Trung Chan talked about falling deep for a girl. Although it only has a lyrics video with a futuristic background, the song became a hit and garnered 45 million views so far.

6. Tong Phu (Prejudice) | KEYO

Views: 45 million

This heartbroken ballad with guitar riffs is accompanied with a simple music video where singer KEYO performed with a live band while wearing shades to hide his sadness. The song talks about a man who is in poverty and doesn’t have the financial ability to take care of the woman that he loves, so he had to choice but to let her go.

7. Ben Tren Tang Lau (The Floor Above) | Tang Duy Tan

Views: 44 million

One of the hits this year with a catchy melody and an instrumental that is fit for dancing in the clubs. Its lyrics however are full of regrets and sorrow. Throughout the video, Tang Duy Tan sings in a dark room with hands pulling him back.

8. Y Chang Xuan Sang (Exactly Like Spring) | Nal

Views: 35.5 million

A typical song about the Lunar New Year (Tet) and spring in Vietnam with a sound that is familiar to people in the Mekong Delta and a touch of modern music. It has everything that a Tet song can offer with the distinctive local instrumental, thick accent, funny dance and depiction of Tet in the countryside.

9. Yeu duong kho qua thi CHAY VE KHOC VOI ANH (If Love Hurts Too Deeply Come Crying To Me) | ERIK

Views: 35 million

Singer ERIK returned this year with a ballad infused with traditional music and mild trap instrumentals about a guy who always waiting for a girl in the friendzone but the girl only reaches out to him when she’s heartbroken. The music video is shot in a tranquil and zen setting with a pretty garden and white stone walls to fit the vibe of the song.

10. Co Khong Giu Mat Dung Tim (Don’t Regret Over Lost Love) | Truc Nhan

Views: 35 million

This six-minute video of this acoustic and dance-pop song tells the story of a man who tried to run away from his crazy ex-girlfriend after a breakup. It starts off with a luxury setting in a restaurant, then turned funny with a series of chases. No matter what, the man couldn’t escape his ex. The video ended with a plot twist. Between the scenes are the creative choreography and flash mob.

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