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S.Korean man arrested for murder of woman in Saigon

Police suspect that he was raping the woman and killed her when she resisted.

Beirut activists hold vigil in tribute to murdered women

Women paid tribute to women, after a British diplomat and three Lebanese women were murdered in Lebanon last week. 

Who killed U.N. experts in Congo? Confidential prosecutor's file offers clues

'A thorough criminal investigation into a heinous act like this, under these circumstances, could not be accomplished in only three months.'
December 20, 2017 | 02:22 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese man convicted of killing family of 5 in San Francisco

He murdered a long-term friend and his family to steal money to clear a gambling debt.
December 13, 2017 | 12:04 pm GMT+7

Kim Jong Nam had nerve agent antidote in bag, Malaysian court told

A dozen vials of antidote for lethal nerve agent VX were found in the victim's bag.
December 01, 2017 | 11:32 am GMT+7

Mexico suffers deadliest month on record, 2017 set to be worst year

Official data show there were 2,371 murder investigations opened in October.
November 22, 2017 | 08:44 am GMT+7

In rare move, Vietnam announces execution date of jilted lover behind family massacre

It is extremely unusual for the country to give the public prior notice of an execution.
November 15, 2017 | 10:45 am GMT+7

US releases new trove of secret Kennedy assassination files

Nearly 680 records were made public including 553 never-before-seen files.
November 04, 2017 | 07:58 am GMT+7

Japan 'serial killer' said to be quiet child turned sex trade scout

A woman who said she was in a relationship with him until summer 2016 described him as a 'gentle character' who was 'never angry with women.'
November 02, 2017 | 05:06 pm GMT+7

Nine headless bodies found in Tokyo flat: reports

The bodies were of eight women and one man.
October 31, 2017 | 02:18 pm GMT+7

Fugitives in Kim Jong Nam killing changed clothes at airport, witness says

The trial will resume on November 6.
October 26, 2017 | 04:37 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese, Indonesian suspects wheeled around airport where N.Korean leader's brother killed

The two women were brought back to the scene as part of a visit to retrace the events that unfolded before, during and after Kim Jong Nam's death.
October 24, 2017 | 01:42 pm GMT+7

Woman arrested for orchestrating her father's murder in southern Vietnam

She allegedly hired a group of thugs to set fire to a car carrying her father's suspected mistress without knowing he was in the vehicle too.
October 18, 2017 | 10:20 am GMT+7

Kim Jong-Nam murder trial visits lab to view tainted clothes

Traces of the poison were found on clippings of Vietnamese suspect's fingernails and Indonesian suspect's clothes last week.
October 09, 2017 | 03:16 pm GMT+7

Danish police find decapitated head of Swedish journalist

Prosecutors believe a Danish submarine inventor killed Kim Wall as part of a sexual fantasy.
October 07, 2017 | 06:55 pm GMT+7