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Motorbike market sees an H1 cooling down

Just over 1.5 million motorbikes were sold in Vietnam in the first half of 2019, down 6 percent year-on-year, as the market is close to saturation.

Telecom giant Viettel launches ride-hailing service

Vietnam's military-run Viettel has launched a ride-hailing service, entering a crowded market dominated by Grab.

Vietnam's motorbike ban imprudent, bound to fail

A ban on motorbikes in Vietnam would be an abandoning of common sense and a low blow against economically weaker sections.
April 23, 2019 | 07:37 am GMT+7

Vietnamese buy more cars, fewer bikes in Q1

Vietnamese bought more cars and less motorbikes in the first quarter this year, with a surge in number of imported cars.
April 12, 2019 | 07:18 pm GMT+7

Hanoi yet to identify streets for motorbike ban, needs more study: chairman

Hanoi has not made a final decision about the streets from which motorbikes will be banned, its leader has said.
April 10, 2019 | 03:27 pm GMT+7

Transport ministry backs Hanoi’s motorbike ban plan

The Ministry of Transport supports Hanoi’s motorbike ban, says city’s traffic and emission problems need such solutions.
March 29, 2019 | 09:53 am GMT+7

Hanoi to limit new motorbike registration from 2020

Hanoi is considering limiting the registration of new motorbikes in the downtown area from next year to reduce traffic jams.
March 20, 2019 | 12:55 pm GMT+7

HCMC motorbike ban won't work: traffic experts

HCMC’s plan to ban motorbikes from the city centre will not work, given inadequate public transport and asynchronous planning.
March 04, 2019 | 08:00 am GMT+7

Motorbikes still the vehicle of choice in Vietnam

Sales rose for the fourth straight year as 3.39 million new motorbikes were bought in Vietnam last year.
January 22, 2019 | 03:57 pm GMT+7

Where motorbikes double as trucks

You might have heard about Vietnam as the land of two-wheelers, but do you know what drivers here actually carry on them?
December 23, 2018 | 02:01 pm GMT+7

Four injured in Saigon as car mows down motorbikes

At least four people were injured in Saigon Wednesday night when a car hit a motorbike before reversing and hitting four others.
December 06, 2018 | 11:34 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s ubiquitous motorbikes, seen from above

A photo collection offers a glimpse into the often chaotic traffic in Hanoi.
December 05, 2018 | 09:34 am GMT+7

Honda raises forecasts on solid motorbike sales

Japan's Honda Motor said Tuesday it was raising annual forecasts after first-half profits rose over 19 percent on motorcycles sales in Asia.
October 31, 2018 | 10:10 am GMT+7

Experts fear foreign rivals too strong for Vietnam ride-hailing firms

Vietnamese ride-hailing services are struggling to compete with foreign firms Grab and Go-Viet due to a lack of resources.
September 25, 2018 | 03:21 pm GMT+7

A Qiq fix: e-vehicles to ease Vietnam's traffic woes

A Singaporean start-up will deliver e-scooters and other personal mobility devices to help Vietnamese cities resolve their traffic problems.
September 08, 2018 | 10:34 am GMT+7
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