Foreign tourists driving motorbikes in Vietnam: Renters' fault?

May 19, 2022 | 12:42 am PT
Foreign tourists driving motorbikes in Vietnam: Renters' fault?
Foreign tourists drive motorbikes when touring Dong Van Town of Ha Giang Province in northern Vietnam in 2018. Photo by VnExpress/Minh Nga
Readers blamed hotels for renting motorbikes to foreign tourists without checking their driving capability, but some said the tourists are responsible for their own risk.

"Far too many local hotels that allow first-time tourists to rent and ride a bike here in Vietnam - with the passport merely required as deposit and without checking that these tourists really know how to ride a scooter. End up these blokes losing their lives due to own negligence and overestimation of themselves."

"I stayed in Vung Tau and enquired about a scooter, they had one there, no questions asked and coming from left hand side of the road driving it took a while to acclimatize but Vung Tau is quiet, I would never in a nano second think to rent a scooter in HCMC."

"I wish they'd imprison all the businesses that rent bikes to foreigners who don't have a valid Vietnamese or international permit."

"Why would hotels be responsible for this? You wanna ride so the risk is on you."
Kacper Stepien

"Rental place can't be held accountable for idiots driving drunk late at night with no helmets. Horrible tragedy but easily avoidable by common sense."

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