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Short circuit caused Hanoi warehouse fire: ministry

The Ministry of Public Security said Tuesday that last month's Rang Dong warehouse in Hanoi was caused by a short-circuited light bulb.

Hanoi warehouse fire site vicinity safe now: minister

Areas surrounding the blaze-gutted Rang Dong warehouse are safe now, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha said Thursday.

Army to decontaminate Hanoi warehouse blaze site

The Vietnamese army will decontaminate the Hanoi warehouse and surrounding areas, following a fire that released 15.2-27.2 kilograms of mercury into the environment.
September 11, 2019 | 03:16 pm GMT+7

Fear, confusion stalk residential areas near site of Hanoi warehouse fire

People living in the vicinity of the Rang Dong warehouse in Hanoi that burned down last month have abandoned their homes after health issues surfaced.
September 11, 2019 | 10:03 am GMT+7

Army stands ready to decontaminate site of Hanoi warehouse fire

The chemical division of the Vietnamese army is prepared to decontaminate the Rang Dong warehouse fire site, and is waiting for Hanoi’s response.
September 10, 2019 | 10:51 am GMT+7

Hanoi light bulb warehouse fire leaked 15-27 kilos of mercury

The Vietnam Environment Administration confirmed Sunday that 15.2-27.2 kilograms of mercury have been released by Hanoi light bulb warehouse fire a fortnight ago.
September 09, 2019 | 08:42 pm GMT+7

Proximity to gutted Hanoi warehouse unsafe, but evacuation unnecessary

Mercury release makes the area within a 200 m radius of a fire-gutted Hanoi light bulb warehouse unsafe, officials say.
September 06, 2019 | 09:01 am GMT+7

Residents near Hanoi warehouse fire exposed to mercury: environment ministry

Hanoi residents who live within a 500-meter radius of the recent light bulb warehouse fire are being exposed to mercury, test results show.
September 04, 2019 | 11:56 pm GMT+7

Hanoi fire re-exposes major risk management shortcomings in Vietnam

Near Bien Hoa airport, I've met citizens anguished that they were not informed of dioxin dangers at the most contaminated spot in the world for 40 years.
September 04, 2019 | 10:45 am GMT+7

Hanoi citizens evacuate over warehouse fire impacts

Seven worst-affected households and many others are evacuating to avoid toxic impacts of Hanoi’s Rang Dong warehouse fire that broke out Wednesday.
September 01, 2019 | 09:18 am GMT+7

Hanoi withdraws contamination warning after warehouse fire

A food contamination risk warning issued Thursday in Hanoi following a fire at a light bulb warehouse has been retracted by authorities.
August 30, 2019 | 08:00 pm GMT+7

Hanoi light bulb warehouse fire may contaminate food, authorities warn

Foods sold within a one-kilometer radius of the Rang Dong light bulb warehouse fire in Hanoi Wednesday face a contamination threat, authorities said.
August 30, 2019 | 11:19 am GMT+7

Hanoi light bulb warehouse blaze destroys a third of stocks

A fire that broke out at a light bulb storage facility in Hanoi Wednesday evening destroyed two-thirds of the stocks.
August 29, 2019 | 10:47 am GMT+7
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