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Czech Republic resumes work visas for Vietnamese citizens

The Czech Republic has resumed issuing long-term visas for Vietnamese workers after suspending it for almost one year.

Seven probed for trafficking job seekers to Taiwan

Police in the northern Quang Ninh Province are investigating seven people in a human trafficking case involving illegal work in Taiwan.

Japan offers most overseas jobs for Vietnamese workers

Japan is expected to receive more Vietnamese workers this year, having become the most attractive labor export market in 2018.
January 19, 2019 | 01:32 pm GMT+7

Brokers lead Vietnamese workers into exile in foreign lands

Many workers seek jobs abroad, but high brokerage and other fees are demanded of them, often illegally.
January 13, 2019 | 04:35 pm GMT+7

Man arrested for trafficking people to Taiwan

28 people were being smuggled to Taiwan via mainland China, but an accident killed two on the way last year.
October 13, 2018 | 11:26 am GMT+7

South Korea tightens labor recruitment in Vietnam

Large numbers of Vietnamese workers breaking contracts and overstaying are impacting subsequent labor intakes.
June 28, 2018 | 11:02 am GMT+7

Vietnamese sailors reported missing two weeks after ship capsizes off South Korea

11 crew members were on board when it hit rough seas, and four bodies have already been recovered.
March 21, 2018 | 07:53 am GMT+7

Vietnamese claims he was tricked into cleanup work after Fukushima disaster

The trainee was employed to do engineering work, but was sent to a nuclear disaster zone, a Tokyo labor union said.
March 08, 2018 | 01:41 pm GMT+7

Taiwanese police arrest Vietnamese man for illegally logging, CNA says

The police said he ran away from his legal job more than two years ago.
April 03, 2017 | 09:59 am GMT+7

Vietnam plans to send more skilled workers abroad to curb unemployment

More than one million Vietnamese were unemployed last year, including many college graduates.
February 15, 2017 | 04:49 pm GMT+7

More Vietnamese workers pack for Japan despite exploitation concerns

The number of foreign workers in Japan surpassed 1 million for the first time last year, with Chinese and Vietnamese accounting for almost half.
January 28, 2017 | 02:55 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese migrant worker arrested for theft in Taiwan

Police say he has also left his legal employer and is working illegally at a construction site.
December 10, 2016 | 01:50 pm GMT+7

Olympian task prompts Japan to open door for foreign workers

Ahead of the 2020 Olympics, Japan is in more need of foreign workers than ever.
November 18, 2016 | 03:06 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese worker dies in S. Korea; family struggles to bring his body home

The family is deep in debt after borrowing money to send him overseas to work last year.
October 11, 2016 | 01:52 pm GMT+7

Away from home: More Vietnamese leaving for richer countries

Scores of wealthy families, investors have moved overseas.
October 11, 2016 | 02:00 am GMT+7
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