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Until death do us part: Young man upturns wedding vow

Death could not part a young couple in southern Vietnam. The fiancé of a young woman married her at her funeral. 

Former Vice President Biden salutes McCain as 'a brother'

The late Republican U.S. Senator John McCain was eulogized from across America’s political divide on Thursday by Democratic former Vice President Joe Biden.

Vietnamese bid farewell to late PM Phan Van Khai

'Everyone in this commune knew him. He was a lovely and respectable person,' said an 82-year-old neighbor.
March 20, 2018 | 09:03 am GMT+7

Thai hotels booked up ahead of funeral of revered king

The funeral will run for five days next week. 
October 16, 2017 | 08:18 pm GMT+7

Giant whale's funeral draws hundreds in central Vietnam

As sacred animals, whales and sunfish are often given proper burials by local fishermen.
May 17, 2017 | 03:00 pm GMT+7

Head of state and thousands attend funeral of CASA plane's crew

Many high-ranking state officials and ruling party’s leader together with thousands of people paid tribute at the funeral of nine CASA plane crew members.
June 30, 2016 | 12:35 pm GMT+7

Tension at funerals for Orlando victims with protest, irate driver

Funerals for two of the 49 victims killed in the shooting at a nightclub in Florida were marked by tense scenes on Saturday, as an impatient driver was accused of injuring two law enforcement officers and another took place under the watch of anti-gay protesters.
June 19, 2016 | 08:28 am GMT+7

Thousands gather for Muslim funeral honoring Muhammad Ali

A Muslim funeral for Muhammad Ali on Thursday drew thousands of admirers to the boxer's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where mourners prayed over the body of a man who battled in the ring and sought peace outside it.
June 10, 2016 | 10:26 am GMT+7
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