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French coffee chain Malongo eyes Vietnam foray

French organic coffee chain Malongo is looking for partners to enter Vietnam as part of its plan to expand in Asia.

French navy frigate visits HCMC

A French naval frigate docked at Saigon’s Hiep Phuoc Port on Tuesday, the first of its class to visit Vietnam.

French retailer Auchan to retain three of 18 Vietnam stores

French supermarket Auchan Retail has announced it will close 15 of its 18 stores in Vietnam on June 3.
May 22, 2019 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

French retail group Auchan to exit Vietnam

After five years, French supermarket group Auchan Retail plans to sell its loss-making business in Vietnam. 
May 17, 2019 | 12:31 pm GMT+7

A Dien Bien Phu flashback in black and white

65 years ago, the Battle of Dien Bien Phu was decisively won by Vietnamese forces, forcing the French out of Indochina.
May 07, 2019 | 07:30 pm GMT+7

Notre-Dame smolders as investigation begins

Firefighters doused the smoldering ruins of Notre-Dame with water Tuesday as investigators tried to establish what started the fire.
April 16, 2019 | 02:47 pm GMT+7

French colonial-era power plant near Da Lat now a tourist attraction

Ankroet was the first hydropower plant in Vietnam, and was built in the 1940s mainly from stone.
April 01, 2019 | 09:13 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese mother wins daughter back from French ex

A Vietnamese mother has been reunited with her daughter after winning a four-year custody fight against the girl's father.
January 31, 2019 | 03:41 pm GMT+7

Saving Hanoi: ‘Little giants’ who put their lives on the line

It was war, they were boys, but Hanoi and the nation depended on them to keep battlefield communications open.
January 01, 2019 | 10:28 am GMT+7

Gunman kills three people in French Christmas market, flees

A gunman killed three people and wounded a dozen others near the picturesque Christmas market in the historic French city of Strasbourg Tuesday evening before fleeing.
December 12, 2018 | 10:37 am GMT+7

Macron's popularity hits new low amid French protests: poll

French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s approval ratings hit new lows as the “yellow vest” protests gathered pace.
December 04, 2018 | 03:17 pm GMT+7

One week closes a 23-year gap as French woman finds biological mom

Just seven days after Amandine Duran posted a letter looking for her biological mother, she got a positive answer.
November 20, 2018 | 10:57 am GMT+7

Frenchman prohibited from leaving Vietnam after ignoring court order on child custody

Vietnamese authorities have slapped a travel ban on a French national until he hands over their baby daughter to his Vietnamese ex-girlfriend.
September 25, 2018 | 10:46 am GMT+7

A baby dies, survives and reunites with long-lost Vietnamese mother

After suffering the fate of being given up for dead, Tuong Vy Munier-Michel was compensated with several miracles.
September 22, 2018 | 09:15 am GMT+7

Frenchman found running narcotics production ring in Saigon

A French national was arrested on Monday for running an operation producing over 20,000 pills of synthetic drugs in Saigon.
July 17, 2018 | 10:02 am GMT+7
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