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The tale of two pagodas that reflect each other

The Tam Chuc and Bai Dinh pagodas have several in common, including topography, architecture, Buddha statues and Buddhist services. 

Vietnam promotes Buddhist discourse with social network

The Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam announced the launch of its own social network Saturday at the Tam Chuc Pagoda.

Stop exorcisms, stick to Buddhism, pagoda told

A pagoda in Quang Ninh Province has been sanctioned after a follower sparked outrage with comments linking a rape and murder to karma.
March 24, 2019 | 09:56 pm GMT+7

Woman’s karma comment puts pagoda practices in the dock

A northern Vietnam pagoda gets flak for paid exorcisms and propagating ‘superstitions’ after a follower blames murder on victim’s karma.
March 23, 2019 | 08:00 pm GMT+7

Gigantic Buddha to smile over Southeast Asia from Vietnam

From a height of 72m, the Buddha in Son Tay, Hanoi, will soon radiate a serene smile over Southeast Asia.
March 11, 2019 | 05:15 pm GMT+7

Vietnam’s tallest mountain acquires a spiritual dimension

The age-old notion of gleaning wisdom from a learned one atop a mountain finds expression in Fansipan’s magnificent pagoda complex.
February 19, 2019 | 08:17 pm GMT+7

A minute in a 100-year-old Chinese temple in southern Vietnam

The Kien An Cung Temple is an architectural jewel in the Mekong Delta.
February 17, 2019 | 11:15 am GMT+7

Where the Buddha sits on the back of a king

King Le Hy Tong placed the Buddha on his own back to repent his mistreatment of Buddhism.
February 10, 2019 | 11:01 am GMT+7

‘Buddhist prayers’ by Vietnamese lensman one the best shots of the year: NatGeo

A photo taken by Tran Tuan Viet of a Buddhist ritual has been selected among 70 best shots of the year by National Geographic.
December 17, 2018 | 08:14 pm GMT+7

Thich Nhat Hanh brings home the miracle of mindfulness

The Vietnamese Zen Master who has guided millions to inner peace has returned to where an incredible journey began.
December 11, 2018 | 08:15 am GMT+7

Monk chases, captures pagoda thieves in southern Vietnam

A security camera has captured footage of a monk chasing thieves with a dustpan at a pagoda in Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.
November 22, 2018 | 08:45 pm GMT+7

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh returns to Vietnam

Renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh arrived in central Vietnam Friday, a year after his previous visit.
October 27, 2018 | 04:29 pm GMT+7

Trinity of spiritual sites to pique your curiosity on a tour of Saigon

People come here to pray for children, commemorate a renowned mandarin, or just to have some quiet time away from the city.
April 13, 2018 | 07:41 am GMT+7

Massive sacred painting on display at Buddhist festival in Vietnam

With 11 million followers, Buddhism is one of the major religions in Vietnam.
March 17, 2018 | 05:46 pm GMT+7

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa returns to Vietnam for spring festival

The senior Buddhist dignitary will visit the Great Stupa Mandala Tay Thien in Vinh Phuc Province during his trip.
March 15, 2018 | 02:50 pm GMT+7
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