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Blockchain-powered ride-hailing app to arrive in Vietnam

MVL says drivers will not have to pay commission, and the company will make a profit from selling data.

Philippines, Malaysia put Uber-Grab deal under anti-competition scrutiny

Singapore was still reviewing the deal last week, saying it had 'reasonable grounds' to suspect that competition had been infringed.

Vietnamese firm pours $100 million into local ride-hailing app

The move follows rival Grab's takeover of Uber's Southeast Asia operations.
April 02, 2018 | 11:54 am GMT+7

Grab unlikely to attain monopoly in Vietnam after buying out Uber: official

The government has sworn to protect the rights of all parties involved, especially the Vietnamese people, the official said.
March 30, 2018 | 04:44 pm GMT+7

Grab makes takeover bid for Uber’s Southeast Asia operations, including Vietnam: reports

Uber has been unable to turn a profit in Asian markets, making it a prime target for rivals.
February 18, 2018 | 02:08 pm GMT+7

Top Vietnamese taxi company sues Grab for $1.84 mln in losses

The ride-hailing firm says that if Vinasun wants compensation, it should file a suit against the Ministry of Transport instead.
February 06, 2018 | 06:07 pm GMT+7

Uber paid 20-year-old Florida man to keep data breach secret -sources

Uber asked the young man to destroy the data after they were stolen in a breach. 
December 07, 2017 | 04:30 pm GMT+7

Uber CEO says company failed to disclose massive breach in 2016

Uber's chief security officer and his deputy have been ousted because of the mishandling of the breach. 
November 22, 2017 | 09:38 am GMT+7

EU seeks more protection for Uber-style jobs

The EU commission wants to raise social protections as more than a third of EU workers has non-standard contract. 
September 25, 2017 | 09:35 am GMT+7

Uber looks to Londoners after city strips license

London's transport regulator on Friday stripped Uber of its license, and hours later Uber's CEO called on the city's residents to help make things right.
September 25, 2017 | 09:13 am GMT+7

Uber to end post-trip tracking of riders as part of privacy push

The change, which restores users' ability to share location data only while using the app, is expected to be announced on Tuesday and rolled out to Apple Inc iPhone users starting this week. 
August 29, 2017 | 02:47 pm GMT+7

Uber extends on-demand service to trucking

Uber is expanding into a new field with a version that lets truckers book cargo hauls with simple taps on smartphones.
May 20, 2017 | 10:11 am GMT+7

Uber, Grab beat Vietnam's motorcyle taxi drivers on their own turf

As more locals embrace ride-hailing apps, xe om drivers are elbowed out.
January 30, 2017 | 02:00 pm GMT+7

Indonesia tells Grab, Uber to partner with transport firms

JAKARTA - Taxi-hailing apps Grab and Uber Technologies Inc must partner with a transport business and register their cars by the end of May if they want to go on operating in Southeast Asia's largest economy, a minister said on Thursday.
March 25, 2016 | 12:10 pm GMT+7

Uber sues Indian rival Ola over 'bogus' bookings

The San Francisco-based company is seeking 490 million rupees ($7.3 million) in damages from Ola for unfair practices, a lawyer representing Uber said.
March 23, 2016 | 11:56 am GMT+7
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