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Vingroup partners with foreign tech giants to make 5G smartphones

Vingroup has signed partnerships with Japan's Fujitsu and the US's Qualcomm to make 5G smartphones in Vietnam.

Samsung to release Park Hang-seo limited edition S10 phone only in Vietnam

Samsung is set to release a limited edition, Vietnam-only smartphones, to honor the country’s South Korean football coach Park Hang-seo.

Vingroup building second smartphone plant

Vingroup on Monday began construction of its second smartphone plant, which would be capable of producing devices for global brands.
June 10, 2019 | 10:51 am GMT+7

US ban on Huawei not to hit Vietnam hard: report

Vietnamese retailers will not be affected too much by the U.S. ban on Huawei, a major stock brokerage says.
May 29, 2019 | 05:40 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese phone owners anxious as Google cuts Huawei ties

Worried Vietnamese owners of Huawei smartphones are considering switching brands after Google suspended business ties with the Chinese brand.
May 23, 2019 | 08:21 am GMT+7

Vietnam takes tech steps forward, reading steps backward

Reading has become an uninteresting activity for most Vietnamese youth; relevant national targets remain a pipe dream.
May 15, 2019 | 02:09 pm GMT+7

LG to move S. Korean smartphone production to Vietnam

LG Electronics will relocate its South Korean smartphone production to Vietnam in a bid to cut losses.
April 27, 2019 | 12:07 pm GMT+7

Samsung delays launch of folding Galaxy smartphone

Samsung said Monday it was delaying the launch of its folding smartphone after trouble with handsets sent to reviewers.
April 23, 2019 | 09:14 am GMT+7

2018 'worst year ever' for smartphone market: survey

Global smartphone sales saw their worst contraction ever in 2018, and the outlook for 2019 isn't much better, new surveys show.
February 01, 2019 | 08:31 am GMT+7

Vingroup to launch first phones in mid December

Vietnam’s largest private conglomerate, Vingroup, will introduce its first smartphones on December 14 as part of its tech expansion.
December 03, 2018 | 04:58 pm GMT+7

Vietnam can lead Southeast Asia in mobile games: Google

Vietnam's mobile games industry has great potential, given quality staff and a large number of players, Google reps say.
November 29, 2018 | 04:59 pm GMT+7

Losing wallet is tourists’ biggest frustration: Asia-Pacific survey

Losing the wallet is the most frustrating thing for foreign tourists, according to a survey by Jetstar Group.
October 04, 2018 | 01:10 pm GMT+7

Samsung to invest billions in new tech to drive fresh growth

Samsung Group said it would invest $22 billion over the next three years in cutting-edge technologies.
August 08, 2018 | 04:26 pm GMT+7

Apple delivers record profit, seeks to allay iPhone X fears

However, Apple reported that overall iPhone sales in the quarter of 77.3 million were about a million fewer than the same period a year earlier.
February 02, 2018 | 08:46 am GMT+7

US investigating iPhone slowing Apple software: report

Apple admitted to intentionally slow down older models of its iPhones over time.
January 31, 2018 | 08:55 am GMT+7
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