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17 killed in Florida school shooting by former student: sheriff

The gunman has been identified as a 19-year-old who had been expelled for 'disciplinary reasons.'

Las Vegas gunman emailed about bump stocks months before rampage-documents

Part of search warrants unsealed by a federal judge suggested the attack may have been planned months in advance.

Vietnamese cop shoots man dead over family affair

The officer was beating the man with a gun when the fatal shot was fired, according to a police report.
January 08, 2018 | 11:06 am GMT+7

Indonesia evacuates Papua villagers after separatist shootings at the police

More than 340 villagers have been evacuated from Papua as separatists group fired at the police. 
November 18, 2017 | 09:17 am GMT+7

Texas gunman kills at least 26 worshipers at small-town church

It was not immediately clear if the suspect killed himself or he was hit by gunfire by the resident.
November 06, 2017 | 08:18 am GMT+7

Las Vegas shooter used real estate investments to fund gambling, guns

Paddock's lucrative real estate ventures allowed him to buy tens of thousands of dollars' worth of rifles and bullets.
October 09, 2017 | 10:10 am GMT+7

Still no 'clear motive' in Las Vegas mass shooting: police

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the massacre but authorities had not uncovered any viable link.
October 07, 2017 | 08:30 am GMT+7

Blood donors from around world line up to help Las Vegas victims

The woman from Nova Scotia, Canada, who slid into the backseat of Paul Hwangpo's car got right to the point: Take me to the nearest blood bank.
October 04, 2017 | 09:05 am GMT+7

Stephen Paddock: silent killer who was a stranger to neighbors

'We've never even thought about our locking doors. We didn't know we lived two doors down from a lunatic.'
October 04, 2017 | 08:11 am GMT+7

Las Vegas shooting: What we know

At least 59 people were killed and 527 injured when a gunman opened fire on concert-goers Sunday night in Las Vegas.
October 03, 2017 | 02:18 pm GMT+7

Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock: retired accountant, heavy gambler

'He had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremacists, nothing, as far as I know,' said his brother.
October 03, 2017 | 09:01 am GMT+7

At least 50 dead, more than 400 hurt in Las Vegas concert attack

The death toll, which police emphasized was preliminary, would make the mass shooting the deadliest in U.S. history.
October 02, 2017 | 10:35 pm GMT+7

At least 50 dead, more than 200 hurt in Las Vegas shooting

Shooter acted alone, no militant links.
October 02, 2017 | 07:59 pm GMT+7

Two killed, 24 wounded in Las Vegas shooting: hospital

It was not immediately clear whether the suspect was killed or injured.
October 02, 2017 | 02:57 pm GMT+7

Vietnamese fishermen found dead after run-in with Philippine Navy

The Filipino government said the Vietnamese boat rammed into a naval vessel during a chase, prompting officers to fire 'warning shots.'
September 25, 2017 | 12:39 pm GMT+7
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