Vietnam end U19 AFF Championship dream with 0-3 loss to Malaysia

By Hoang Nguyen    JUL. 13, 2022

Considered the weaker team, Malaysia yet brought effective attacks to secure a big victory against Vietnam in the U19 AFF Championship semifinal Wednesday.

Vietnam had a good start to the game after the first five minutes of being pressed. They quickly regained control and pushed the pressure back on Malaysia.

But when Vietnam were comfortable, they lost concentration and let Malaysia open the score in the 26th minute with a goal by Adam Farhan.

After conceding, Vietnam failed to create any significant chances in the remaining of the first half.

In the second half, Vietnam got it together as they continuously threatened Malaysia’s goal during the first 20 minutes. However, despite many obvious scoring chances came, Vietnam still couldn’t score and they paid the price in the 70th minute. From a counter-attack, Haiqai Haqeemi tapped it in to score the second goal for Malaysia.

Vietnam tried to attack more but due to slow stamina, the players couldn’t maintain pressure on Malaysia. While the attackers were struggling to find the net, the defense made a mistake when Trinh Hoang Canh slipped and let Haykal Danish easily beat keeper Cao Van Binh one on one, ending all hopes of coming back for Vietnam.

The 0-3 loss eliminated Vietnam from the championship run. They will vie for the third place in a match with Thailand on Friday.

U19 AFF Championship: Vietnam 0-3 Malaysia

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