Indonesia beat Vietnam in World Cup qualification home game

By Hoang Nguyen    MAR. 21, 2024

A clerance mistake caused Vietnam to suffer a 0-1 defeat against Indonesia in the World Cup qualifier Thursday night.

In a nail-biting World Cup qualifier, Indonesia secured a single-goal victory over Vietnam, thanks to a critical error from the guests' defense. The match saw both teams delivering intense performances, but it was Indonesia who capitalized on their chances.

The match was characterized by its physicality and pace, with both teams receiving yellow cards for their efforts.

Vietnam dominated possession and created numerous chances, especially in the first half. However, their inability to convert these opportunities into goals was their downfall. Indonesia's defense stood strong against Vietnam's attacks, and their goalkeeper's crucial saves kept them in the lead.

Indonesia adapted their strategy in the second half, applying pressure and making tactical changes that ultimately paid off.

The game's decisive moment came in the 52nd minute when Vo Minh Trong’s attempt at clearing the ball set up Indonesia's Egy Maulana Vikri. Vikri made no mistake, easily tapping the ball past Vietnam's goalkeeper Filip Nguyen, putting Indonesia ahead.

Vietnam, aiming to make a comeback, made multiple substitutions throughout the game but failed to penetrate Indonesia's solid defense.

Thursday result was Indonesia's second straight victory against Vietnam following an eight-year draught. They also beat Vietnam 1-0 in the 2023 Asian Cup group stage last January.

The new victory for Indonesia sets the stage for a highly anticipated rematch, scheduled to take place in five days at Hanoi's My Dinh National Stadium. Both teams will be looking to refine their strategies and capitalize on this intense rivalry, with Vietnam aiming to avenge their narrow loss and Indonesia looking to maintain their winning momentum.

World Cup qualifiers: Indonesia 1-0 Vietnam

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