5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

By Hoang Phong   October 27, 2023 | 11:00 pm PT
U.S.-based Splash Magazine has recommended five high-end restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for luxury dining, with three of them already having achieved Michelin recognition.
5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Noribo, a Japanese restaurant in the Thao Dien neighborhood, the largest expat hub in Ho Chi Minh City, is one in the list.

The restaurant offers omakase & a-la-carte menus with ingredients imported from Japan.

The a-la-carte menu includes Honmaguro Tartare dish (pictured) which includes raw minced tuna with caviar, as well as dishes with scallop, sweet shrimp, salmon, Japanese eel and sturia caviar oscietra classic. Prices range from VND140,000 to VND3.5 million (US$5.66-141) per dish.

"Noriboi stands as a testament to the art of omakase, reimagined through the lens of their modernist approach to Japanese cuisine, and their usage of molecular gastronomy techniques to ignite and enthrall diners' senses," the Spash said.

Noribo is open Tuesday-Sunday. Omakase is served from 6 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. while the a la carte menu is from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The restaurant is at 35 Ngo Quang Huy Street in Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Noribo' N-shaped façade takes inspiration from Nori, the dried seaweed used in Japanese cuisine.

Inside features a sake bar and a horseshoe-shaped omakase counter. There's an outside terrace for guests to enjoy the cool atmosphere surrounded by green trees.

Thanks to its transparent glass design, diners can easily admire the bonsai garden enclosed in the glass staircase.

Its design is a combination between Japanese traditions of stone and glass splashed with a nostalgic abstraction of mid-century pop.

The interior space features a minimalist approach to allow for a blank canvas where food is given the spotlight.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Anan Saigon Restaurant, located inside an old market on Ton That Dam Street near Bitexco Financial Tower, opened its doors in 2017 and specializes in street food-inspired dishes created by its owner and chef, Peter Cuong Franklin.

The restaurant became one of the first four establishments in Vietnam to receive a Michelin star rating in June.

Anan has limited space and can only serve 40 diners at a time.

Its popularity grew after chef Franklin created a $100 version for the two iconic Vietnamese foods banh mi and pho.

"Anan Saigon is considered by culinary enthusiasts to be one of Ho Chi Minh City's top-tier dining destinations," Splash said.

Its chef-owner "elevates traditional Vietnamese street food and beloved national dishes, with the application of French cooking techniques, to execute simply sublime plates which highlight the freshest locally sourced ingredients," it said.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

The restaurant's $100 pho (pictured) is served with six different types of beef, including marrow and homemade sausage, plus raw wagyu served on the side.

Other dishes that have helped the restaurant gain a reputation among international foodies are banh xeo taco, a dish consisting of a central Vietnamese region-style pancake folded into the shape of a Mexican taco and filled with shrimp and pork, as well as grilled catfish and beef stew.

The restaurant is open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. at 89 Ton That Dam Street, District 1.

Prices start from VND185,000.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Nen Light Restaurant on Tran Dinh Xu Street in District 1 boasts large space, making it an ideal destination for premium corporate and private events.

It has a small garden to host networking sessions while its stylish dining hall is able to accommodate up to 40 guests.

Its private room is capable of serving eight guests.

Chef Summer Le is immensely knowledgeable about central Vietnamese cuisine.

The restaurant recently was honored by the New York Times as one of best fine dining restaurants to try in HCMC and is one of 70 Michelin-selected Vietnamese restaurants last June.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

The "Layers" dish served from the restaurant's story menu.

Nen Light serves guests with a story menu, which is a tasting menu woven with storytelling elements.

Each story menu delivers a main concept supported by smaller stories – all featuring the courses in the menu.

Currently, the restaurant serves a menu that includes seven to nine courses with prices from VND1.99 million to VND2.57 million.

The restaurant at 122/2 Tran Dinh Xu Street is open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Soko Cake Bake & Brunch on Nguyen Trung Truc Street in District 1 carries European style architecture with a modern and Asian twist.

The place is quite spacious and decorated with different hues of beige, neutrals, black, and additional touches of greenery.

"Their house-made pastries, each a testament to artful baking, perfectly complement an array of imaginative coffee creations that push the boundaries of traditional brews," Splash said.

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Prices range from VND165,000 to VND690,000 ($7.03 to $29.41).

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Soko offers dishes such as Canadian lobster eggs benny and Louisiana shrimp baked eggs, as well as Vietnamese classics such as banh mi chao (pictured), a baguette served in a pan with varied toppings.

Soko also has been known for its baked goods such as cube croissants, cronuts (combination of croissant and donut), cruffins, and donuts.

Due to the large demand, Soko allows a maximum of two hours of seating for dine-in on weekends.

The restaurant is located at 27a Nguyen Trung Truc Street in District 1.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

Taking inspiration from bamboo trees, Tre Dining Restaurant in Thao Dien captivates first-time visitors by the image of rows of bamboo trees along both sides of the entrance.

The interior design is mainly decorated with bamboo and its outdoor space offers a view of Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam.

The restaurant is open from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

5 Saigon restaurants for lavish dining experiences

The restaurant's a-la-carte menu includes smoked salmon served with watermelon (pictured), charcoaled scallop, stewed silkie chicken, grilled Argentina Black Angus beef, grilled duck stuffed with chicken wings.

Prices range from VND180,000-820,000.

The restaurant is at 35 Xuan Thuy Street in Thao Dien area, Thu Duc City

Photos courtesy of the restaurants

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