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Legislators vote against government proposal on project classification

Lawmakers on Tuesday voted against a government bill which they felt would undermine parliament’s oversight over major national projects.

Vietnam to navigate rough trade war waters

Parliament members say the ongoing US-China trade war has had visible impacts, and Vietnam needs to reduce dependence on both nations.

Sri Lankan president suspends parliament after firing prime minister

President Maithripala Sirisena temporarily suspended parliament a day after sacking the prime minister and replacing him with a former leader seen as being close to China.
October 28, 2018 | 09:51 am GMT+7

When Women Rule: 'No girl should be a gift to a rapist,' says Jordan MP fighting for women

Wafa Mustaga, Jordan's "Iron Lady", says more focus should be put on women's rights in Arab world. 
October 26, 2017 | 09:17 am GMT+7

Vietnam raises debt ceiling

Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the increase to the government debt ceiling.
November 10, 2016 | 06:34 pm GMT+7

Vietnam re-elects first chairwoman of parliament

She is credited with handling important social issues.
July 22, 2016 | 09:37 am GMT+7
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