Cloud computing trends to witness in the future

By Ureka   February 23, 2019 | 06:44 pm PT
Cloud computing trends to witness in the future
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As you may have obviously known, this is the time of Information Technology development.

Thus, it is no doubt that people are really appreciating cloud computing, which is not only a way used to leverage the infrastructure but also a multifunctional tool.

A lot of methods are being discovered to take advantage of cloud so that businesses can reach their goals in the upcoming years. In a few years ago, the cloud computing was just someone’s storage tool and now it has become a big company’s storage system. That is the reason why cloud is providing organizations with chances to corporate more effectively.

By contrast, a big problem that many cloud service vendors are coping with currently is to ensure their service safety and security. There are a lot of companies considering whether they should make a move into cloud or not. In this year, however, it is predicted that the choice will mostly depend on cloud mobility instead of efficiency or cost. 

Below are some numbers related to cloud that can be seen through conversations made about this topic. 

First of all, over 50 percent of companies will jump into cloud apps, platforms as well as other services to run their businesses more smoothly. This prediction was made with clear proof from Forrester.

What is more, expenses spent on cloud computing will also increase at an unbelievable rate by 2020, which is estimated to about 4 or 5 times higher compared to 2009.

It is also reported that over 50 percent of IT spending will be cloud – based in this year, which will reach up to 60 percent to 70 percent of all apps, technology as well as services spending in the year of 2020. 

Here are what customers, especially entrepreneurs, can see and should make a good preparation in this year.

1. The big development for cloud solutions

According to a report, following the trend of cloud service development, it is obvious that cloud solutions such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and so on will make a big leap as well.

Software as a Service is a software license solution depended on a subscription basis. At this time, the service is mostly dominated by such big players as Google Apps and Salesforce while other companies are about to make a jump into offering the solutions. It is guessed that the development rate for this kind of service will be more than 18 percent within the next two years.

On the contrary, the Platform as a Service solution is able to provide customers with a more secure platform for them to set up and maintain their own applications in a simpler manner while there is no need to manage the whole infrastructure on their own.

There has been a recognizable development when it comes to Platform as a Service solutions. The adoption of this solution is accelerating from only 32 percent in 2017 to more than 50 percent within the next two years.

In this year, the market for Infrastructure as a Service is also expected to increase to more than 17 billion dollars.

2. The capacity of cloud storage will keep on growing

Currently, according to the figures, approximately 370 Exabyte data will be maintained in data centers. The number is predicted to reach 1.1 Zettabyte in this year, which is nearly double compared to the last three years according to Cisco.

In this current time, sharing storage between families or friends is getting more popular. As you can see, the adoption of such services as Google Drive and Dropbox is more common than ever. 

3. Cloud computing with less server is also increasing.

It is obvious that the technology designed with less servers which provides customers with an opportunity to set up and maintain their app services while there is no need to control any server is becoming more and more popular in this year. Thanks to this way, customers are able to link different cloud services together to improve the efficiency. Users do not need to spend much of their time or effort to control cloud services and updates of cloud services will be automatic and simple as well.

To conclude, cloud technology will keep on developing in this year, which is obvious. Organizations should adopt cloud services as soon as possible with the consideration of safety and other factors to make sure that they can reach their goals in Information Technology. 

4. Higher demand for cloud – based systems

Cloud – based container system, which is another option apart from virtual machine, is also attracting many clients. This kind of system offers customers a chance to deploy their applications quickly and simply. What is more, the infrastructure will also be secured better and new software functions can be managed to run well without slowdown.

Cloud service providers can provide container management services while simultaneously isolating variable platforms from each other by making use of these systems. 2019 can be witnessed with a lot of adoption of cloud container system. 

5. A year of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cloud solutions are currently run and influenced by both artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some big players in this term can be listed as IBM, Google, Microsoft as well as Amazon Web Services. They are currently taking advantage of those technologies with the major purpose of providing cloud – based services for developing businesses.

6. More advanced internet speed with the release of 5G network

People are looking forward to the new generation of Internet network, which is called fifth- generation network. As you can easily see, the amount of data created every day is really huge and the store rate is, too. As a result, there is a big demand for Internet speed to be improved.

Currently, network vendors are on their way of offering customers with quicker and more effective network for users to support their cloud solutions as well as services so that they can enjoy a better experience. 

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