Cloud computing’s likely leap in 2019

By Ureka    April 19, 2019 | 02:12 am PT
Cloud computing’s likely leap in 2019
Using cloud computing technology is an indispensable task for business owners.
Cloud computing has appeared and intensified like a storm. We cannot prevent its omnipresence, and society has to learn to adapt to it.

How will it be different now compared to previous years?

Cloud computing technology has been used for data storage for the last five years. It has replaced all methods of traditional storage.

After many years of development and the emergence of many different suppliers, cloud computing technology keeps being prominent. In the coming years cloud computing technology will even be more prominent, especially with e-commerce growing inexorably.

So how will cloud computing be different and make a bigger leap in 2019 compared to previous years? Let’s find out.

In the past decade science and technology companies have begun to have important projects on cloud computing. Recent advances in technology have also contributed a lot to this new field. Talking about cloud computing, one of the first major milestones was the launch of Amazon Web Services, which offers users many utilities.

However, after that, storing data began to get more attention. The business process of most companies now depends much on cloud computing technology. Businesses are gradually becoming aware of the importance of cloud computing. Therefore, in addition to developing the business process, businesses also constantly improve this technology. In the next two years cloud computing is set to undergo enormous growth. 

Cloud computing will definitely change the idea of how to operate and manage your business. That's why most businesses are now reorienting their strategy and trying to integrate cloud computing. Although integrating cloud computing into the enterprise management system is just a small step, it will certainly be sustainable and in the right direction.

Step by Step

Most agencies have difficulty deciding whether to use cloud computing services or not? But in the end all businesses have to choose cloud computing services to ensure everything is perfect.

By embracing the power of cloud computing, companies will be able to find more projects and implement more projects simultaneously. The multi-client feature of cloud computing services helps the system operate more effectively.

Emergence of private cloud-based systems

There is a major improvement in cloud computing in progress. While businesses are taking advantage of this technology, the government and scientists are working hard to improve and upgrade cloud computing.

To use cloud computing in the most efficient way, businesses are using three different methods to update themselves with cloud computing technology. While some businesses are still following the traditional path (using the capabilities and resources of enterprises to develop storage systems provided by OpenStack), other businesses are choosing a safer method (using cloud computing - developed by a third party vendor).

Experts deeply appreciate the level of security and utilities that cloud computing technology offers businesses.

Experts deeply appreciate the level of security and utilities that cloud computing technology offers businesses.

The top 6 cloud computing companies, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google, Alibaba, and Amazon Web Services, will invest more in this technology to have more customers. Experts estimate the global value of the cloud computing market will surpass $200 billion, and so a lot of companies are expected to compete for a slice of the pie.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing technology based on cloud computing will also begin to grow again. We are very close to developing fully functional quantum computing that can do many interesting things.

In recent years technology has developed at a rapid pace. The smartphones you have in your pocket have the same power as room-sized military computers of 50 years ago.

However, notwithstanding the achievements related to traditional PCs and technologies since the computer revolution began, there are many problems that current computers cannot solve. Many people believe that quantum computing is the answer. In fact, Microsoft is trying to bring quantum computing into our daily lives.

In future, quantum computing will be able to solve complex problems such as helping doctors identify diseases, link to artificial intelligence, make weather forecasts, encrypt data. We live in a modern and exciting era. With cloud computing technology and quantum computing the world will constantly change.

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