Woman cuts calories, loses 28 cm off waist

By My Y   August 13, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
Nguyen Thu Thao shed nearly 28 kilograms and cut 28 cm off her waist after five months of a calorie-deficit diet.

Thao, 27, currently a business owner, has gained confidence after achieving her slimmer figure.

Thao at the moment. Photo courtesy of Thao

Thao, 27, gains confidence after achieving her slimmer figure. Photo courtesy of Thao

At 1.55-meter-tall, Thao weighed 66 kg before delivering her first child in April 2022.

She weighed 80 kg at the time of her delivery. She did not want to lose weight at the time as she worried that it might affect her breast milk quality, and her weight reached 77 kg earlier this year.

Her fluctuating body mass left her thighs, buttocks, and chest skin full of stretch marks, dark spots, and acne.

Feeling ashamed of her body – a fact that the negative comments from friends, family and acquaintances did not help – Thao became a shut in and a recluse, not wanting to go out anywhere or see anyone.

Then one day, she became inspired to give herself a makeover, in order to win back both her health and confidence back.

Thao before her weight loss. Photo courtesy of Thao

Thao before her weight loss. Photo courtesy of Thao

Thao did not follow any particular diet, she simply focused on cutting down her calorie intake. According to experts, a key factor behind weight loss is applying a calorie deficit in which the intake of calories must be lower than the number of calories consumed.

Intake calories come from foods and drink, while consumed calories are burned in the metabolic process, through exercise and other daily activities.

But that does not mean Thao did not care about what she took in her body. She started eating healthy food: minimizing her intake of fried dishes, and eating boiled dishes instead. If Thao craved fried food, she would cook them in an air-fryer.

She also stopped eating out to better control the number of calories she took in her body as well.

According to Thao, people can easily do what she did without losing determination.

An important note on Thao’s diet is that she always provided her body with all nutrient groups, she said, because each of them has its own functions. Cutting down on any single one of them to lose weight could cause health problems.

Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep, vice president of Vietnam Nutrition Association, approved of Thao’s idea.

According to Diep, a healthy diet should provide eaters with all six nutrient groups: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Only when being provided with all of these six nutrient groups can our bodies function normally.

Cutting down on any of these six necessary nutrients groups may immediately result in tiredness, low sugar blood levels, or even passing out. Other long-term consequences include lack of vitamins and minerals or even immunodeficiency.

She decided to go to the gym to firm and tone her body. Gaining muscles and flexibility can help avoid injuries and lose weight healthily.

Thao often spends 10 minutes jogging or hiking, before weightlifting and other exercises.

"I go to the gym even on days when I feel unmotivated," Thao said. "I walk instead of jogging on days like that."

Thao’s weight decreased from 77 to 49 kg, while her waist shrunk from 96 cm to 68 cm.

Speaking from experience, Thao said that those who want to lose weight need to maintain their determination.

She also believed that speedy weight loss pills or other unhealthy methods should be avoided for the sake of health. A nice figure should be achieved through healthy diets and frequent exercise.

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