Is craving sweet foods a sign that I’m pregnant with a girl?

March 28, 2023 | 02:26 am PT
Dear doctor, I hear many people say that during pregnancy if I crave sweet food, I will likely have a daughter, and if I crave sour food, I will likely carry a son.

Can you share your opinions on this? (Xuan, 26, Bac Ninh)


Women frequently experience morning sickness during pregnancy and crave particular foods, sometimes even inedible things.

The main reason for this food craving is hormonal changes during pregnancy, leading to changes in food taste perceptions.

In addition, the mother may crave a certain food due to a specific nutritional need from the baby's body. A pregnant woman may crave a specific nutrition such as iron and magnesium.

During each pregnancy, pregnant women can have completely different food cravings. Sometimes, food cravings are the result of the mother's mood swings.

There are currently no official studies that show a strong link between food cravings and the baby's gender. All speculation is based solely on prior experience, which may be accurate or inaccurate.

Cravings for food are merely symptoms of hormonal changes in a mother's body.

Pregnant women also need to pay attention to abnormal morning sickness symptoms. If the sickness is too serious or there are odd signs, they should go to the hospital for a check-up.

Dr. Phan Chi Thanh

Department of Examination, Central Maternity Hospital

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