Vietnamese designer to release alien-inspired collection

By Y Ly   April 5, 2023 | 10:30 pm PT
Designer Chung Thanh Phong will release his new collection inspired by aliens at a fashion show in Phu Quoc this month.

The futuristic collection CTP.No2 tells the story of an imaginary planet where beauty has no stereotypes and creativity is celebrated.

Nearly 100 designs for men and women are divided into two product lines: application and limited edition, using metallic gold and silver as the primary colors. The outfits focus on being ground-breaking but are still highly applicable, embracing an image of women who are both feminine and strong, a concept Phong has pursued for many years.

Some of the designs in Chung Thanh Phongs alien-inspired collection. Photo by Tee Le

Some of the designs in Chung Thanh Phong's alien-inspired collection. Photo by Tee Le

Glossy and matte leather materials are used throughout the collection and combined with many kinds of lace. Many designs use a 3D corset rendering technique to create an hourglass figure for the wearer. In addition, the technique of attaching beads and crystals to create shapes on see-through materials continues to be used by Phong in this collection.

The designs target people aged 14 to 25 as they update the latest streetwear trends in the world for jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. The makeup and hair styles are designed specifically for each outfit.

The collection’s release will take place on April 7 in Phu Quoc, at an event called "Fashion Voyage" designed by the fashion show director Long Kan.

Models catwalk at Chung Thanh Phong's show in 2021. Video courtesy of Chung Thanh Phong

Phong was born in 1988 in Da Nang. After garnering attention at a few contests, he launched his own fashion brand in 2013.

Since 2014, he has stayed consistent with the message of empowering women throughout his collections. In addition to evening and cocktail dresses, he is famous for his top line of wedding dresses that are loved by many celebrities such as actresses Minh Hang and Nha Phuong, and singers Hari Won, Dong Nhi and Bao Thy.

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