'Perforated shield' gives Da Nang house youthful beauty

By Nhu Loan   March 11, 2023 | 03:31 am PT
Steel bars cover the front of a Da Nang house like a perforated shield, but their look is softened by white paint and ancient tree branch patterns.

They also shield the house from the sun.

As an office worker, Huan, a Da Nang resident of Hoa Quy ward in Ngu Hanh Son district, wanted to build a house that would help him feel relaxed and clear his mind. He wanted a spacious, airy and fully equipped home.

Architect Nguyen Ngoc Dinh said the young owner had a modern mindset and wanted a unique house with the newest amenities.

The front of the shield house. Photo by Phong Dang

The front of the shield house. Photo by Phong Dang

Instead of using a regular trellis, this townhouse has a system of powder-coated steel louvers on the 2nd and 3rd floors, with shapes and patterns that come together to look like the branches of ancient trees interwoven in a forest.

Instead of using straight and square lines, the louvers consist of circular holes of various sizes, creating a larger distinct pattern. The protruding façade is designed to block sunlight from both sides, while also adding a sense of aesthetics and novelty to the architecture.

The ground floor includes a living room, a kitchen/dining room, one bedroom, two bathrooms, a storage room, a front yard and a backyard.

The second floor has a master bedroom and a small bedroom, a dressing room, two bathrooms, a common room and a balcony. The third floor has a worship room, a laundry room, a drying yard, a storage room, and a terrace.

The building has a modern interior design. The main color, bright white, makes the indoor space seem larger. Every decorative detail is simple and helps the home appear visually pleasing and neat.
The home’s multi-function furniture is also convenient for family life and saves space.

Another impressive part of the house is its Japanese-style master bedroom. Instead of using traditional Vietnamese beds, the architects used a wooden platform with a mattress.

The Japanese-style bedroom. Photo by Phong Dang

The Japanese-style bedroom. Photo by Phong Dang

The other bedrooms have regular platform beds, and each room has a different decor, depending on the preferences of whoever lives in the room. But all rooms have one thing in common: they are airy and comfortable.

Trees, light, and air are indispensable elements of the townhouse’s design. There is a skylight system at the back of the house to bring sunlight and air into the home.

The architects also arranged a mini garden out back with bonsai and, most impressively, a Madagascar Dragon tree.

Arranging the skylight and the mini garden next to the kitchen helps prevent mold and food odors, keeping the indoor air fresh.

According to the project’s supervising engineer, building the "shield" was the biggest challenge for the construction team.

"As the shield is quite large, it required meticulous detailing to ensure its aesthetic. In addition, the team needed to be extremely careful during the installation process," said engineer Huynh Tien Quan.

The living room. Photo by Phong Dang

The living room. Photo by Phong Dang

The owner said that the finished house is 95% similar to the design’s blueprints.

It’s the modern design with strong character and unique steel shield that give the house a youthful and distinctive beauty.

After 6 months of design and construction, the total cost was VND2.5 billion. Construction was completed in mid-2022.

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