Beauty queen struts the runway in spider-inspired outfit

By Y Ly   March 10, 2022 | 02:30 am PT
Beauty pageant holder H'Hen Nie wore a spider web-shaped dress as a vedette for Vietnamese designer Hoang Hai's latest fashion show in HCMC.
HHen Niê performed the shows special dress inspired by spiders. The embroidered and spider-embroidered fishtail design is treated with a thin layer of nude chiffon, with a mesh cape.

H'Hen Nie, a Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 contestant, donned a special dress for the show on Monday. The spider-embroidered fishtail design was made with a thin layer of opaque chiffon, with a mesh cape.

Kim Duyen (left) and Hoang My show off their legs with asymmetrical sequined skirts.

Models Kim Duyen (left) and Hoang My show off their sequin outfits.

The show for VIP guests introduces some unique designs in the Oceanid Doris collection launched on February 28.

The VIP show for the launch of "Oceanid Doris" first took place on Feb. 28.

The designs exploiting iridescent materials, organza silk, chiffon, linen, etc. are handled on a rich and bright color palette.

Many outfits feature iridescent materials, silk organza fabric, chiffon, and linen, as well as bright colors.

Hoang Hais dresses emphasize feminine style with designs showing off its wearers chest and waist.

Hoang Hai's dresses are feminine in style, with designs that highlight the wearer's chest and waist.


In addition to flowers, a recurring motif in Hoang Hai's work, this collection includes the image of a bird on a cut-out dress.

A dress with a classic bulging design.

A dress with a classic bulging design.


The padded shoulder bridge is the focal point of this dress, which aims to honor feminism.


Hai (second from left) and models greet the audience at the end of the night.

Photos by Kien Can Team

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