Vietnam’s God Lake

Bung Binh Thien (God Lake) in An Giang Province, blessed with beautiful idyllic landscapes, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Mekong Delta.

These brave women clear landmines

The mine-clearing team of Mines Advisory Group, with 13 out of 14 members being women, has detected 300 landmines and bombs in Quang Tri, a major battlefield during the Vietnam War.

The crocodiles of Cat Tien national park

UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve Bau Sau inside Cat Tien National Park in Dong Nai Province is home to 286 Siamese crocodiles.
November 09, 2019 | 11:30 am GMT+7

Saigon couple adopts 88 children, gives them a $4.3 million home

Bui Cong Hiep, a 62- year-old resident of District 9, and his wife have donated their VND100 billion ($4.3 million) house to 88 children they adopted and nurture them personally, every day.
November 07, 2019 | 08:27 pm GMT+7

Tofu pudding vendor on Saigon’s Bui Vien Street

Dinh Dinh, 21, has inherited her mother’s tofu pudding business on Bui Vien Street in HCMC and wants to introduce the dish abroad.
November 07, 2019 | 02:47 pm GMT+7

Hanoi Train Street’s loss is Long Bien Bridge’s gain

The historic Long Bien Bridge has seen a surge in selfie hunters after the Hanoi Train Street was closed last month on safety concerns.
November 04, 2019 | 07:30 pm GMT+7

Frying chicken under a cascade of oil: Saigon eatery’s delicious trick

Huynh Cong Tuan’s eatery attracts not only locals but also foreigners who come to see him cook chicken under a cascade of hot oil.
November 03, 2019 | 03:47 pm GMT+7

Rice flour: the final straw​

Eco-friendly rice flour straws using vegetable and fruit dyes can be composted after use.
October 31, 2019 | 06:00 pm GMT+7

Hanoi man creates animal shapes from recycled materials

Luu Trung Nghia, a Hanoi resident, has created over 200 miniature animal forms from plastic waste, tins and cans.
October 31, 2019 | 08:01 am GMT+7

Young man dedicates all his time to abandoned dogs

A 30-year-old HCMC resident has been on call 24/7 for three years now to take care of injured and abandoned dogs.
October 27, 2019 | 11:28 am GMT+7

How Hanoi’s water supply contamination crisis played out

A listing of events surrounding contamination of the Da River, which triggered a water crisis affecting a million Hanoians up to this point.
October 27, 2019 | 08:48 am GMT+7

Hoi An, 20 years as a world cultural heritage

Two decades after being named a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO, Hoi An retains its unique old architecture, tranquility and gentle pace.
October 26, 2019 | 01:16 pm GMT+7

When mountains of gold glitter in the sun

The terraced rice fields of Mu Cang Chai in the northwestern province of Yen Bai are a dazzling sight during the harvest season in October.
October 25, 2019 | 10:28 am GMT+7

A Vietnamese pancake combines crisp and soft textures

A specialty of Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam, this is rap cake (banh rap).
October 23, 2019 | 05:22 pm GMT+7

The yellow-cheeked gibbons of Cat Tien national park

Cat Tien National Park’s yellow-cheeked gibbons spend their entire life high up on the canopy, and their greatest enemies are humans. 
October 21, 2019 | 06:29 pm GMT+7
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