'World's most frugal millionaire' scavenges food from bins

By Tung Anh   February 23, 2024 | 08:45 pm PT
'World's most frugal millionaire' scavenges food from bins
"The world's most frugal millionaire" dig through trash to find food. Illustration photo from Unsplash
Despite owning nine properties and having a substantial bank account, 80-year-old German man Heinz B. chooses to live off food found in trash cans.

Dubbed "the world's most frugal millionaire," Heinz B. might have just 15 euros ($16.25) in his current account, a result of withdrawing 700,000 euros to acquire his 10th property. He maintains another 100,000 euros in a fixed-term savings account, reports the Sun.

Finding joy in salvaging food from garbage and collecting discarded items, Heinz B. believes in a life of frugality, asserting that he doesn't require money for happiness.

Residing in Darmstadt, Germany, Heinz B. first captured media attention in 2021 for seven houses, and two apartments and had about 500,000 euros in his bank account. Within three years, he expanded his portfolio to ten properties, thanks to his savings.

The retired electrical engineer, formerly a senior official in telecommunications, lives on a pension totaling 3,756 euros. Yet, he spends less than 5 euros monthly on groceries, with his only other expense being internet service for his laptop.

Heinz, without immediate family or siblings, is uncertain about the future of his estate. While he has distant relatives, he notes they wouldn't be able to afford the inheritance tax.

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