Vietnamese-owned sugarcane stall in Australia goes viral on TikTok

By Ha Nguyen   April 26, 2023 | 01:43 am PT
A drink store in Sydney is gaining tens of millions of views on social media for its twist on traditional sugarcane juice.

The sugarcane stall named "Juice Mía" is in Merrylands, a suburb of Sydney, and has been gaining attention after being featured many times on TikToker Raafat Maamari’s account.

Several videos of the stall have achieved over a million views, while the most watched acquired 14 million views and thousands of comments.

The stall uses a metal sugarcane juicer, similar to the ones used in Vietnam.

Customers can order sugarcane juice combined with many types of fruit and spices, including lemons, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, kiwi and ginger, for between AUD 6-7.7 ($4-5.9), about 10 times more than you would pay in Vietnam.

After receiving the order, the sugarcane is washed and cut in half, and the extra fruit is added. It all then goes into the juicer before the resulting juice is served.

Sugarcane juice with fruit toppings. Photo by Raafat Maamari TikTok

Sugarcane juice with fruit toppings. Photo by Raafat Maamari TikTok

This juice is different from that sold in Vietnam, which is usually served plain or with the addition of kumquat alone.

The new style has divided opinion, with some saying the fruity additions will leave a bitter taste, while others were impressed by the creativity.

"A cup of less sweet sugarcane juice like this is what I need," said one Vietnamese TikTok user.

The famous sugarcane juice stall in Australia. Video by Raafat Maamari TikTok

Half a month ago, sugarcane juice was also served in a festival in South Korea. According to the Vietnamese stall owner, 2,700 cups of juice extracted from one and a half tonnes of sugarcanes were sold in three days.

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