Thai man's 300-km motorcycle trip with 11 cats goes viral

By Hoang Nguyen   March 20, 2023 | 08:22 pm PT
Thai man's 300-km motorcycle trip with 11 cats goes viral
Uncle Samsen travels with 11 cats from Bangkok to Isaan. Photo by Kingdom of Tigers Facebook page
The story of a Thai man, known as Uncle Samsen, went viral on social media after he traveled with his 11 cats in his sidecar motorcycle from Bangkok to the Isaan province of Korat.

The route was nearly 300 km and took almost five hours of traveling, The Thaiger reported.

Many Thai TikTokers posted videos of Uncle Samsen, real name Choowong Thepkoh, and his cats and praised him for his love and kindness toward the cats.

A popular cat Facebook page, Kingdom of Tigers, also raised funds to buy Choowong a sidecar motorcycle so he can travel to the markets with his cats.

Last week, the Kingdom of Tigers page urged followers to donate cat food to Choowong as he was about to travel to Korat by sidecar motorcycle.

In an interview later with Amarin TV, Choowong revealed that he came back to Korat, his hometown, where he left 26 years ago, to sell his goods at the annual flea market. He also wanted to bring his "kids," or his cats, to visit his birthplace.

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