South Korean actress settles in Vietnam with her family

By Nhu Anh   February 23, 2023 | 02:45 am PT
South Korean actress Ham So-won and her Chinese husband Jin Hua have moved to Vietnam, where they plan to create a new life with their children.

Jin posted a video on social media on Tuesday showing his new neighborhood in District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). He said he chose this location because of the beautiful architecture, airy spaces and the many restaurants there with a variety of cuisines such as Vietnamese, Thai, South Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Ham So-won and her daughter came to Vietnam a few weeks ago, while Jin came later after finishing work in South Korea. They have already taught their daughter to speak some Vietnamese sentences.

Ham So-won and Jin Hua. Photo by Sina

Ham So-won and Jin Hua. Photo by Sina

On her social media, Ham So-won also posted photos of her eating Vietnamese dishes and sightseeing in HCMC. A year ago, the actress said she wanted to live in Vietnam.

Ham, 47, entered show business in 1997 after winning a beauty contest. She starred in the box office hit "Sex Is Zero" in 2002 and the TV series My Big Family (2002-2003).

Ham and Jin got married in 2018, despite disagreements from both families due to their age gap (Jin is 19 years younger than Ham).

On TV, the actress revealed that Jin's parents were against their relationship and that his father threatened to cut ties with him if he married the older woman.

But when the couple showed they were determined to be together, Jin's parents accepted. After getting married, Jin lived in South Korea with Ham where the two participated in many TV reality shows.

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