'Queen of entertainment' has no plans for wedding

By Mai Nhat, Do Nam   November 18, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
Singer Ho Ngoc Ha, dubbed Vietnam’s “queen of entertainment,” said she has no plans for a wedding ceremony with her longtime partner, Vietnamese-Swedish actor Kim Ly.
Pop singer Ho Ngoc Ha and actor Kim Ly attend an event. Photo from Has Instagram

Pop singer Ho Ngoc Ha and actor Kim Ly attend an event. Photo from Ha's Instagram

"We may have a celebration of our seventh year together instead of a wedding," the singer said.

She added that to her, a wedding ceremony seems to be something that makes a relationship complete.

"And I don’t like things that are too complete."

Giving reasons for her preference, Ha said bad things often happen to one that has received too many good things. To avoid those happening to her relationship with Ly, the singer is willing to not have a wedding ceremony though she knows many people around her have been anticipating it.

Not only a romantic partner, Ly is also a companion of Ha, a mother of three, in the journey of upbringing kids, she said. Despite having a lot of things to do as an actor, a movie producer, and a businessman, Ly still tries his best to have time for family, especially when Ha has her own schedules. The reason is that the couple, along with Ha’s mother, takes care of their kids themselves instead of hiring a nanny.

Ha said she and Ly share mutual grounds in raising kids as well, since both of them believe that the best thing for their kids’ development is to let them do what they want based on their strengths and preferences, instead of forcing them to develop in particular directions.

"Kim Ly and I have been assisting each other well in our journey as parents," Ha commented.

Holding a belief in accompanying their kids growing up, Ly has also maintained a close relationship with Henry - or Subeo, son of Ha and her former spouse - a thing that Ha appreciates.

She revealed that Henry eats out with her, Ly, Lisa and Leon - the twins from her and Ly - once a week on the weekend. In addition to that, Ly and Henry go to the gym together three times a week as well. Technically a stepfather and stepson, the two’s relationship is "even stronger than" a blood-related bond, according to Ha.

And because of that, Ha said she hopes she can be "sane enough" to always be aware that she is having every aspect of her life already fulfilled.

"I’m happy with my life now," the pop star said.

Ha, 39, started her career in the entertainment industry in 2000. She is active as a pop singer, model, and actress.

Ly, 40, was born in Sweden to a Vietnamese mother and a Swedish father. He started pursuing a career in entertainment in 2011 before going to Vietnam to develop his career in 2014. He is active as an actor, a movie producer, model, and businessman.

The couple registered their marriage in 2020.

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