Public outrage over Chinese streamer’s erotic video at Haidilao restaurant

By Linh Le   February 18, 2024 | 09:05 pm PT
Outrage has erupted among the public following an incident involving a Chinese streamer named Angel, who released an erotic video shot at a Haidilao restaurant located in Guangzhou, China.
A woman sitting on a couch. Illustration photo by Freepik

A woman sitting on a couch. Illustration photo by Freepik

The controversy began when the streamer utilized a private room at the restaurant on Feb. 16 for the production of the video, according to AsiaOne. During her session, she stripped down to a red du dou, a traditional Chinese undergarment, and recorded herself in provocative poses, including spreading her legs and suggestively handling a piece of dragon fruit with chopsticks.

The video quickly sparked outrage after it was uploaded online, prompting numerous individuals to voice their disapproval on the restaurant’s social media platforms.

"You let the woman take unsightly videos in your restaurant...," one user expressed dismay, as quoted by AsiaOne. "How can us customers dine with confidence at your restaurant in future?"

In response to the uproar, a Haidilao spokesperson condemned the behavior, asserting the restaurant’s stance against such inappropriate public displays and confirming that the incident had been reported to the authorities.

Chinese media has since highlighted that Angel may face significant repercussions for her actions, including the possible shutdown of her social media accounts and further penalties that could range from monetary compensation to more serious consequences.

According to Forbes, recognized for its spicy cuisine and exceptional customer service including complimentary manicures for patrons waiting to be seated, Haidilao currently operates nearly 1,500 outlets. While the majority of these outlets are located in China, the brand has expanded internationally to countries including the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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