People hit the gym to shed Tet weight gain

By Thuy Quynh   February 1, 2023 | 05:00 am PT
Gyms, yoga studios and personal trainers are reporting a 50% surge in attendance after the Tet holidays as people seek to lose weight and get back in shape.

Lai Luan, a personal trainer at Elite Fitness in Hanoi, has his hands full with workout enthusiasts.

He estimates that, after the Tet holidays from January 20 to 26, around 800 come to his gym daily and 8-10 to him personally, an increase of nearly 50% from before the New Year. Most of them are young people including office workers.

He says the demand for personal trainers has risen since people are looking to lose weight quickly after relaxing during the holidays.

"Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. I have almost no free time because I have 10 clients every day for 1-1.5-hour sessions."

Lai Luan provides coaching to a client. Photo courtesy of Luan

Lai Luan trains a client. Photo courtesy of Luan

Khanh Ha put on three kilograms from overindulging in traditional holiday foods. So the 30-year-old went to the gym during her lunch break on her first day back at work last Friday.

She plans to go five times a week to get back in shape. After three workouts with a personal trainer, she already feels "stronger" and "lighter."

Many people also choose to practice yoga in addition to going to the gym to improve flexibility.

Yoga instructor Dat Anh says over 300 people had signed up for his classes two months before Tet, but only 200 showed up because everyone was busy with work at the end of the year.

However, after Tet ended, the number of signees has shot up to 500.

Some programs focus on basics like doing yoga to music while others are tailored to specific needs like weight reduction or are more advanced like power yoga.

Classes are typically held in the morning, afternoon and evening. Some 200 have signed up for the program for weight loss, most of them being in the 40-60 age group.

He said doing yoga regularly helps boost metabolism, weight loss and physical fitness.

Research shows that those who consistently practice yoga sleep better, experience less illness and have a stronger mind and body.

Since losing weight happens gradually over time, trainers recommend a regular exercise schedule of 45-60 minutes a day along with a balanced diet.

Luan says exercising has an effect on muscles and aids fat burning, weight loss and general fitness.

No-equipment exercises are highly effective for burning calories and suitable for people who have not worked out fora while.

Dat Anh (L) instructing a yoga class. Photo courtesy of Anh

Dat Anh (L) instructs a yoga class. Photo courtesy of Anh

Yoga beginners, according to Anh, are advised to take foundation classes to get to know about the discipline and avoid injury. Beginners should start with simple exercises and avoid overly difficult movements.

Luan suggests that people should eat dry foods an hour before exercising to make their workout more effective.

But it is not a good idea to train after eating, and so avoid working out if full, he adds.

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