Model Ngoc Trinh admits wrongdoing in driving hands-free

By Trung Nguyen   October 10, 2023 | 04:26 pm PT
Ngoc Trinh’s representative confirmed that the model had admitted to violating the Law on Road Traffic by driving hands-free and lying down on her motorcycles.

She also did not have special license needed to drive motorcycles larger than 175 cc.

The model was invited to go to the police station to file a report and have her two motorcycles temporarily confiscated, Minh Phuong, Ngoc Trinh’s manager, told Ngoi Sao Monday.

Footage of Ngoc Trinh performing dangerous acts while driving. Photo obtained by VnExpress

Footage of Ngoc Trinh performing dangerous acts while driving. Photo obtained by VnExpress

"Ngoc Trinh is ready to pay a fine according to the law. The police have yet to specify how much her fine is or how her case will be handled," Minh Phuong said.

The manager also stated that the model will cease riding her motorcycle until her health fully recovers.

"Ngoc Trinh isn’t sure whether she will continue or not. But if she does, she will be sure to find locations that are licensed for motorcycle practice to ensure the safety of herself and others while also ensuring that she doesn’t break the law," Minh Phuong said.

Previously, a one-minute video of a woman riding a large motorcycle, standing upright, and letting her hands go to outstretch her arms went viral on social media. Not only that, but the woman also knelt, swung her legs to one side, and operated the vehicle with one hand. The behavior of the rider caused outrage online.

The video of the woman was posted on Trinh’s personal TikTok account on Sept. 24, and then shared widely online.

The Thu Duc City Police affirmed last Sunday that they had identified the woman riding the motorcycle as Ngoc Trinh. Trinh, 34, rode a vehicle over 175cc without the appropriate license.

The model confessed that she began riding the motorcycle through empty streets in the Thu Thiem New Urban Area, Thu Thiem ward, and Saigon Hi-Tech Park at the beginning of October.

Last Sunday, Trinh shared photos of her accident from doing tricks while riding the motorcycle. There were injuries all over her body, and she was taken to a hospital in HCMC by her best friend, her assistant Thuy Kieu, and her manager Minh Phuong. She had stitches in her leg and had bruises on her arms, back, and shoulders.

The "lingerie queen" said that she began practicing with a large motorcycle in September with a personal trainer. After about 10 days, once she had mastered the basic controls, she wanted to learn some of the advanced tricks. Ngoc Trinh was asked by her trainer to put on a protective suit before attempting to drive while lying down.

However, when she donned the suit, she felt that it would be difficult to pose, so she decided to wear regular jeans instead.

"At first, everything went fine, but when it came time for me to switch from sitting to lying down, I was approaching a curve. I panicked and wanted to go back to the sitting position so I looked down to find the footrest. As soon as I did, I lost control and fell. Before, I knew that I would fall one way or the other. But I paid a hefty price this time," Trinh said.

Coming from a poor family background, Trinh started her modeling career in 2005 before gaining public recognition with her lingerie and swimsuit photo shoots.

She then became the title winner of the Miss Vietnam International pageant in 2011.

She made her debut as an actress in 2016 with her role in "Vong Eo 56" (Queen of the Bikini), which was based on her life, and has participated in various movie projects since then.

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