Malaysian family orders 600 meat plates at buffet to take home

By Linh Le   October 19, 2023 | 06:12 pm PT
Malaysian family orders 600 meat plates at buffet to take home
Food is prepared at a restaurant in Beijing, China on Jan. 31, 2022. Photo by Reuters
A family of five in Malaysia placed orders for 600 plates of meat from a local buffet restaurant and sneakily packed most of the dishes to take home with them.

The orders include 250 portions of pork and 350 portions of lamb, prompting the eatery’s owner to check surveillance camera footage to figure out what happened, reported Singaporean news site AsiaOne.

The owner then posted a photo of the family on his restaurant’s Facebook account, saying this was his first-time encountering behavior like that since he started working in the food and beverage industry eight years ago.

According to Singaporean news site Mothership, the family’s five buffet tickets cost 163 ringgit ($34) only.

Behavior at buffet restaurants has long been a hot topic.

In China, a female eater was fined 45,000 yuan after being caught sneaking out dishes she ordered at a buffet to take home.

Another group of seven eaters sparked online shock as news about them consuming more than 300 crabs, 80 cups of dessert, 50 cups of durian, and countless prawns and salmon pieces at a buffet restaurant surfaced.

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