Macau casino heiress had to prove herself

By Vy Tran   May 11, 2023 | 03:04 am PT
Alice Ho, the youngest daughter of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, had to prove she could make it on her own, not just because she was born to wealthy parents.

Alice, 24, is the daughter of Ho and his fourth wife Angela Leong.

Her father’s only unmarried daughter, she is the youngest of Ho’s 17 children.

Her life has been novel-like since the beginning, as both of her parents are extremely rich and powerful. In 2019, Forbes estimated Leong’s net worth to be around $4.1 billion, which mainly came from real estate trading. Leong is also the only billionaire among Ho’s four wives.

Alice Ho when she was a child. Photo from Mario Ho’s Instagram

Alice Ho when she was a child. Photo from Mario Ho’s Instagram

Despite her background, Ho didn’t take her academic performance lightly. During her school years, she was always at the top of her class and achieved a 9A+ in her GCSE examination at the end of high school.

At age 18, Ho was accepted to the United Kingdom’s prestigious Cambridge University, which she turned down to attend the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States instead.

Her major was Mathematics with Computer Science. She completed her four-year undergraduate course in only three years. During her first years in university, she joined companies including Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited and Ernst & Young as an intern.

Ho also founded the Finance Club at MIT and took on projects that assisted in facilitating cooperation between China and the United States.

Before graduating from MIT, Ho was admitted to the Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University, the top university in China. She is fluent in Chinese, English, Cantonese, Japanese and French.

Alice Ho attends the 2020 Tatler Ball on December 6, 2020 in Shanghai, China. Photo from DramaTalk Weibo

Alice Ho attends the 2020 Tatler Ball on December 6, 2020 in Shanghai, China. Photo from DramaTalk Weibo

Speaking to the Hong Kong media, Ho once said: "I have to put effort into my studies because I was born into a rich family. That is the only way for me to prove my own ability."

But the young woman not only performed well in her studies, she also won third prize at the Hong Kong Athletics Championship, and thrived in other extracurricular activities as well. At age 11, she played violin with the Hong Kong Orchestra. As an actress, she starred in several movies and TV series.

According to the media, Ho was adored by her late father when he was alive. HK01 reported that Stanley Ho gifted Alice a Rolls Royce on her seventh birthday. When she turned 13, her father gave her a real estate property in the United Kingdom worth millions of Hong Kong dollars.

After turning 17, Ho was given four other real estate properties by her mother so she could learn how to operate in the real estate business.

According to estimations from the media, Ho’s net worth is currently around HKD 700 million (over $89.3 million). She lives in a luxurious apartment and often travels in her private helicopter.

Despite that, she leads a quiet life compared to her 16 siblings. Her social media accounts are private, and she doesn’t frequently share about her luxurious lifestyle.

The majority of her public photos are posted by her brother Mario Ho and her close friends including Huawei heiress Annabel Yao and Sanpower heiress Donna Yuan.

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