I’m with 75-year-old American entrepreneur boyfriend ‘for love not money’: model

By Thien Anh, Dinh Tung   May 12, 2023 | 03:47 am PT
I’m with 75-year-old American entrepreneur boyfriend ‘for love not money’: model
Ngan, 29, and her boyfriend, 75, enjoy their time at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel hotel in California, the U.S. on May 10, 2023. Photo from Ngan’s Instagram
Vietnamese model Co Ngan has revealed that her relationship with her American entrepreneur boyfriend Wynn Katz, 75, is based on love, denying she is a gold digger.

In an interview with NgoiSao published Thursday, Ngan, 29, said she had just flown to the U.S. to be with the wealthy older businessman after successfully getting her visa last month.

"Recently I spend most of my time playing with Wynn’s German Shepherd," she said. "We also watch television, cook and wander around very often. A lot of people said it would be hard for us to stay together after being apart for three years, but I’m not experiencing that. We are still good."

The Vietnamese model was eager to led the world know more about their flourishing May-September relationship and how Katz had been taking care of her, right down to the very smallest little details.

"Wynn managed to buy a new house in a new neighborhood for me to move in after arriving here, despite the fact that there was only a three-day gap between when I got my visa and my flight," she said.

"He did so as there are many homeless people in the neighborhood he was living in, and felt it could be a bit unsafe for me."

Ngan spoke about how Katz arrived at the airport one-and-a-half hours earlier than her arrival time to wait for her.

After over three apart, Katz didn’t recognize her until she called out to him. They were so happy to see each other again after so long, they danced in delight at the airport, she said.

Katz’s family has been also treating Ngan with kindness, and the model says she is getting on well with the billionaire’s son who she has spoken with before.

However, there is a bigger age gap between her and Katz’s daughter and she said she sometimes struggled to find common ground but they were both polite to each other.

Ngan said that it could sometime being in an interracial relationship and had faced discrimination, gossip and glances from others.

The model was keen to dispel rumors that she was in the relationship for money, laughing it off.

"Wynn told me, ‘If we care about what people say, we could never be together for almost four years like this,’ to which I really agree," she said. "I am already used to things other people say about me and our relationship, so I don’t care."

The model said it was the intelligence, kindness and caring personality of the billionaire that first caught her attention not the size of his bank balance.

"When we first knew each other, if we knew that we would have to stay apart from each other for over three years, we would not have bothered," she said. "Staying apart for such a long time is too hard. However, we overcame that and reached this point. So obviously money is not the motivation behind our relationship."

The long-distance relationship also gave Ngan and Katz a chance to better understand each other. "The most important thing I learnt through this relationship is trust. Wynn and I didn’t trust each other blindly though," Ngan said.

"But we talked to each other every day on our phones. If there was any change in our relationship, we would have noticed."

Early on, the couple set boundaries on how they were going treat each other to better "protect" their relationship. They also made sure they kept an open-minded and realistic approach to dating.

"We came to an agreement that if we suddenly had feelings for someone else, we had the right to end it and pursue that new person," she said. "After dating for three and a half years, we really understand each other now."

Ngan said that she and Katz might get married, although a wedding was never her goal as she doesn’t believe it always leads to happiness.

Nor do the couple plan to have children, instead preferring to spend more time enjoying themselves.
"I want nothing but happiness and success at the moment," Ngan said.

Ngan, real name Co Thi Kim Ngan, is a fashion and cosmetics model. Katz is the owner and designer of Rough Roses – a fashion line for leather bags and belts.

The couple met on Instagram in 2019, and then face-to-face on several mutual business trips in Vietnam.

Prior to Covid, the couple went through a temporary 6-month breakup due to frequent fights. Buy they have since made up and reunited in the U.S.

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