Groom’s ex-girlfriend ruins wedding with sewage bucket

By Duc Hung   October 8, 2023 | 12:17 am PT
On the way to their wedding ceremony, Lam and his bride were splashed with sewage water by a then-unknown woman.

Both the bride and groom had to change out of their dirty costumes before they could continue with the ceremony.

The culprit tried to run away but was quickly apprehended by the groom’s family and turned over to local police.

The event was recorded by many witnesses and shared on social media, attracting several comments and shares.

The bride is splashed with sewage by the groom’s ex-girlfriend just as she prepares to step into the wedding location. Video provided by local residents

The head of the Luu Vinh Son Commune in Ha Tinh Province stated that the event occurred during 43-year-old Lam’s wedding on Oct. 4 at his home in Xuan Son Village, Ha Tinh province. The culprit was allegedly a woman named Van. Testimonies taken at the police station revealed that she once engaged in a romantic relationship with Lam, who has a 6-year-old child .

However, Lam’s family banned the couple from being together. When Van learned that Lam was marrying someone else, she felt betrayed and decided to splash them with sewage water at the wedding to get revenge.

Lam admitted that he was in a relationship with Van but he has not admitted to having a child with her. He hopes that the authorities will be lenient with his ex-girlfriend.

The Luu Vinh Son Commune Police are currently gathering documents to sanction Van for her behavior of insulting another person.

*Names of the characters have been changed

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