Dubai millionaire's wife blasted for spending $2.5M a week

By Linh Le   October 12, 2023 | 03:00 am PT
TikToker Linda Andrade has been criticized for her flashy lifestyle after she uploaded a video in which she showed how she spent $2.5 million of her husband’s money in a week.
TikToker Linda Andrade. Photo from Andrades Instagram

TikToker Linda Andrade. Photo from Andrade's Instagram

"This is not a flex. This is a waste," the New York Post quoted a Tiktok user as saying. "Rich people can’t read the room."

The wife's expenditures are seen broken down: $1.4 million on deposit into her account, $356,000 on bag shopping, $229,000 given to her in cash, $7,200 for chocolate shopping, $201,000 on gold jewelry, $52,000 on "fun money," and $217,000 on a "random Wednesday," reported The Mirror.

Another user accused her of faking all the numbers for the sake of fame: "She’s just making up numbers at this point lol."

The video is not the first time Andrade shared details of her hefty spending.

In another video that has garnered over 26 million views, she bragged about her husband spending a whopping $5.1 million for her in just a week, including $3.1 million on a new apartment, $1.4 million on a yacht, and $600,000 on artwork.

Going by the name "Original Dubai Housewife" on TikTok, Andrade was born in Jordan. She self-describes herself as a "CEO & Wife," and is also a social media star with over 797,000 followers and an accumulative 32.5 million views on her TikTok account.

She married her millionaire forex and crypto trader husband, Ricky, at age 19.

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