Casino heiress praises actor husband after Bali wedding

By Nhu Anh   April 20, 2023 | 10:55 pm PT
Laurinda Ho, the daughter of the late Macau “casino king” Stanley Ho, said she was grateful for becoming actor Shawn Dou’s bride.
Ho and Dou in their wedding party. Photo by Shawn Dou Weibo

Ho and Dou in their wedding party, April 17-19, 2023. Photo by Shawn Dou Weibo

During her wedding ceremony in Bali Tuesday, Ho, 32, showed appreciation to her family and her in-laws, according to Sina.

She thanked her parents-in-law for appreciating her, and for raising the groom, Dou, 35, as a considerate, warm and reliable man.

"Having such a husband and in-laws is my good fortune," Ho said.

Ho then thanked her mother Ina Chan and her late father, adding that she would always be part of the Ho family, despite getting married.

Ho and Dou in their wedding party. Video courtesy of Red Book

At the end of her speech, Ho thanked her husband for always being patient and tolerant with her.

Ho claimed that she had shown a bad temper and spoken without thinking many times, yet was always forgiven by Dou.

"Thank you for finding me, understanding me, and accepting immature me as your wife. I love you more than you could even imagine. I need you more than you could even think," Ho said.

"I hope that we can grow together, become better, understand each other, and make a warm and happy family till the end of our lives."

Ho and Dou have been publicly dating since 2019, and are often seen together in various events and shows.

In an interview with Elle, Ho revealed that they had moved in together to fully understand each other's personalities. She said she found herself at peace when she stayed with Dou.

Born in 1991, Ho is the daughter of the late casino mogul Stanley Ho and his third wife Ina Chan. Her father was renowned for his casino empire. Forbes has estimated her mother's net worth at around $1 billion.

Born in 1988, Dou is a renowned actor. His debut movie was "Under the Hawthorn Tree" directed by Zhang Yimou, while his other work includes "Dangerous Liaisons," "Time To Love," and "Princess Agents."

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