British passenger attacks Thai Airways steward on Bangkok-London flight

By Linh Le   February 18, 2024 | 05:53 pm PT
A man, believed to be British, is reported to have punched an air steward in the face and damaged the toilet on a Thai Airways flight traveling from Bangkok to London.
An aircraft from Thai Airways. Photo from Thai Airways Instagram

An aircraft from Thai Airways. Photo from Thai Airways' Instagram

The incident, occurring on Feb. 7, led to the passenger’s arrest after the plane landed at Heathrow airport, as per the Daily Mail’s report.

Metro cited a female passenger, who preferred to remain unnamed and recorded the incident on her phone, stating the 35-year-old man began causing a disturbance in the airplane’s lavatory. She recounted how he started "screaming and shouting" inside the toilet before "smashing the [toilet] door," resulting in the door being dislodged from its hinges.

The man’s unruly behavior escalated, prompting intervention from fellow passengers and the cabin crew. Despite their efforts, the situation deteriorated when the passenger struck a male air steward in the face, knocking him down to the aisle floor.

This altercation led to panic among the passengers, some of whom moved their children to the rear of the aircraft, while others stepped in to help subdue the man.

Despite the chaos, the flight managed to reach its destination in London after passengers were alerted about a possible detour to Dubai. Police officers reportedly entered the plane and took the man into custody upon landing.

Another individual caught up in the incident was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

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