Air Canada passenger falls out of plane after opening cabin door

By Linh Le   January 11, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
A passenger on an Air Canada flight reportedly opened a cabin door shortly after boarding a flight bound for Dubai at Toronto Pearson International Airport, leading to their fall onto the tarmac below.
An aircraft of the Canadian carrier Air Canada. Photo from Air Canadas Instagram

An aircraft of the Canadian carrier Air Canada. Photo from Air Canada's Instagram

The incident, which took place on Monday, caused a delay of approximately six hours in the flight's departure, according to Business Insider.

The airline confirmed that the passenger initially boarded the aircraft in a regular manner but then unexpectedly opened a cabin door instead of proceeding to their assigned seat, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

Emergency services were quickly alerted, and the passenger involved sustained injuries due to the fall. A comprehensive investigation into the incident has been initiated.

This occurrence marks the second instance of disruptive passenger behavior impacting Air Canada flights in less than a week.

According to police reports cited by Business Insider, a Jan. 3 flight from Toronto to Calgary had to be diverted after a 16-year-old passenger assaulted a family member, resulting in the flight arriving at its destination approximately three hours later than originally scheduled.

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