Tourists summoned for crashing drone into ancient Chinese pagoda

By Hoang Phong   October 18, 2023 | 02:15 am PT
Tourists summoned for crashing drone into ancient Chinese pagoda
People visit a market at the tourism site of Qianmen street in Beijing, China March 14, 2023. Photo by Reuters
Two tourists from South Korea have been summoned by Chinese police for crashing their drone into the top of the Wenfeng Pagoda, one of the oldest in China.

On Sunday, they used the drone at the 1,000-year-old pagoda without approval from local authorities, and the device collided with the top of the pagoda before falling onto a platform, China’s Global Times newspaper reported.

Staff at the tourist spot discovered the incident. After inspection, it was found the cultural relic was undamaged but employees later reported the incident to the police, who summoned the tourists for reprimand, China Daily reported.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, flying a drone is legal in China, but a drone weighing more than 250 grams must be registered with the administration, and must also be licensed for commercial operations and in other situations.

Wenfeng Pagoda has a history of over a thousand years and is a much-valued piece of cultural heritage in China.

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